AKG N700NC Review

AKG N700NC review

We live in a day and age where noise pollution is at its highest. One of the most important features that people look for in headphones happens to be noise cancellation. If you are thinking about investing in a good quality headphone then we highly recommend reading this AKG N700NC review.

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These AKG headphones come with a decent noise cancelling feature. We tested many headphones with people that live in the heart of the city. Even indoors, there is not a lot of peace and quiet and it can get difficult to enjoy listening to music because of all the noise. If you are in the same boat then purchasing these AKG headphones could actually benefit you a great deal.

These headphones may not be high end headphones but they definitely manage to tick all the boxes when it comes to delivering good quality music. The features and quality of these headphones enable it to compete with any audiophile headphone. Considering they are not as expensive, you get yourself a pair of these headphones right away. Let’s take a look at the reasons this should be your next purchase.

Audiophile Headphones


This headphone brand happens to be one of the most popular audiophile professional audio brands in the market. While most of the headphones that the brand releases happen to be quite expensive, these headphones actually fit the bill quite well.

Our first impression after purchasing these headphones was that the noise cancelling feature works decently. After using it for a while, we can confirm that these headphones deliver superior quality sound with a noise cancellation feature that can cut out low frequency disturbances.



If there is one thing we do not like about these headphones is that they are a little small. They tend to get very tight around your head. If you haven’t gone in for haircut in a while or you have a big head, you will find these uncomfortable to wear.

The controls are placed on the ear cups. The left ear cup has the playback control while the right ear cup comes with a smart feature allowing you to cut down on the noise whenever you need. It has a button that allows you to control the levels of noise cancellation and this works well when you do not want to cut down all the noise.

When you purchase these headphones, you also get a number of accessories. This includes a 3 mm cable in case you want to connect it to your television or laptop, an airplane adaptor which is not easy to get, a small case which is cute and travel friendly, and a micro USB charging cable for regular use.

Apart from these things, the design is also apt. This is definitely one of the best travel headphones that we have reviewed. The rest of this AKG N700NC review will also give you an idea of how good these headphones are.



There is no denying that these headphones have a really classy look to it. They have a good amount of metal, plastic and leather distributed throughout the headphone. The ear plugs have a good feel and they make the look complete.

While they may feel a little heavy in comparison to other audiophile headphones, you have to keep in mind that these are more affordable. This is why the material would always differ. It would be a little unfair to compare the build of these headphones to other expensive audiophile headphones since this falls in the budget friendly category.

We personally believe that wearing these headphones outdoors can get a little tricky in summers because the leather heats up quite a bit. The ear muffs aren’t exactly breathable and tend to increase the perspiration around the ears. However, if you plan on wearing them during winters then they actually work as ear muffs as well.

Since it is the perfect blend of plastic and metal, it isn’t as flimsy as other headphones so you can expect it to last longer. While AKG has its own app, you won’t really need it unless you are looking for firmware updates for these headphones. This is also the case with the Smart Ambient button that can be reassigned through the AKG app.


When you get your hands on this model you will realize that the sound quality is pristine, clear and rich. These over the ear headphones deliver rich textured music that comes with a deep bass and a vast frequency thereby accommodating various music genres.
They have a decent noise cancellation feature but this does somehow interfere with the quality of music it delivers. You will notice a drastic change in the volume output with the noise cancellation turned on versus it being kept off.

The headphones present your vocals, acoustic and instruments in clear notes ensuring that there is no tone missed. While these are not the best sound driven headphones, they definitely deliver quality for the price that they come at.

The noise cancellation is not one of the best that you will find and although it manages to eliminate a lot of low frequency noises, it doesn’t do justice when the noise frequency increases a bit. If you use public modes of transport then the chatter around you isn’t going to be eliminated with these headphones, even with the noise cancellation being active.


  • Amazing sturdy design and body
  • Crystal clear rich detailed sound
  • Strong noise cancellation feature
  • Travel friendly kit


  • It puts pressure on your head
  • Not the most comfortable headphones to wear
  • It is a little big to travel with


Now that you have read the complete review, you would have realized how good these headphones are. There is so much that these headphones have to offer, we don’t really know where to begin.

One of the reasons we would suggest not investing in these headphones is because of the comfort. However, if you don’t mind something a little tight around your head then these would definitely make a great investment in terms of the various features it has to offer.

If you compare the features of this headphone with others, you will realize that these headphones come at a budget-friendly price. The headphones also make your life a lot easier because you will be able to enjoy music without any external noise.

These headphones are made with durable material and it is one of the sturdiest headphones to invest in. It has almost all the features that one looks for in top quality headphones and that too at a budgeted price. Irrespective of whether you have money to spend or not, these are definitely one of the best brands to invest in.


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