Anker Soundcore Liberty Air Review

Switching from a wired headphone to a wireless one may be one of the best choices that you make. While there are a number of different kind of wired headphones that are easy on the pocket, wireless headphones do tend to go a little over budget. If you prefer a good design and easy to wear lightweight ear buds then this Anker Soundcore Liberty Air review will definitely interest you.


One of the best things about these ear buds is that they are amazing in terms of functionality and they still manage to come at an affordable price. We recently reviewed a pair of these ear buds and we have to say that they are extremely comfortable to wear. Also, since they are so lightweight you don’t really feel them in your ears even when you wear them for long durations.

Although Anker Soundcore Liberty Air buds are not the best when it comes to sound clarity, it is not that bad in terms of features. At the price that it comes at, we think these are great ear buds to get your hands on.

If you are looking for a gift for someone and you want to make sure that they venture into the wireless ear buds category without spending too much money then we would suggest getting them. The reason being, these ear buds not only perform really well but they also look very impressive.

Budget Friendly

When it comes to affordable headphones in the market, Anker has definitely managed to establish a reputed name for them. While the brand offers some affordable headphones there is no denying that their design is always classy and you can rely on the products to be durable and long lasting.

Unlike other cheap brands available, these ear buds will not go bad within a few months and will stay new for as long as you maintain them. These ear buds are a little delicate and we recommend taking good care of them so that you can use them for a long time.

Ideally, we recommend placing the ear buds in the case when not in use because this not only helps to keep them safe but also prevents dirt and dust accumulation on the ear buds thereby ensuring that they perform better.

Another amazing thing about the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air buds is the durability. There are a number of ear buds out there that are quite flimsy and break easily. However, that isn’t the case with these ear buds.



These tiny metallic ear buds look really classy and it is very easy for you to just slip them into your ears without a worry. They look good and although they come at an affordable price, people will not believe that they are budget friendly headphones.

The ear plugs itself have touch sensitive buttons that are easy for you to control your listening experience as well as answering phone calls. The case of these ear buds double up as a charging dock. You also get a micro USB port and cable to connect with the case. The case also comes with 3 LED lights that help you to understand how much power the ear buds have left.

While you can wear them for a run, we would not recommend going for a swim or a shower with these on because while they are sweat resistant, they are not waterproof. In case you do wear it for a run and you realize they’ve got wet, we would suggest wiping them and ensuring that they are completely dry before you charge them.


Like most wireless ear buds, these ear buds come with really convenient features that make it easy for you to operate. Although the small size may frighten a few people and confuse them in terms of how these ear buds will function, the truth is that although they are small it is really easy to play the songs you want.

With these ear buds, you can also connect to Google or Alexa thereby making your voice assistant a reliable and useful resource. You can also use the voice assistant to make calls. If there is one problem we noticed with the headphones, it is the connectivity stability. This causes calls to disconnect, words disappearing in between a conversation or songs skipping from one ear bud to another.

Although the company claims that you can listen to music for 5 hours on a single charge and it lasts for about 20 hours when on standby, we believe you can play music for about 3 hours nonstop and it stays for about 15 to 18 hours when kept on standby.

However, battery life wasn’t our main concern when reviewing these ear buds. We were looking to review wireless headphones that were budget friendly and weren’t very fussy to use. That’s exactly why we picked these ear buds.


For the sake of this Anker Soundcore Liberty Air review, we have to be honest with you, we love the way these ear buds sound and they definitely deliver value for money. While most people that have used AirPods will say that the sound quality on these ear buds are not that great, the fact remains that those people would be lying.

These are a great pair of wireless ear buds that are known to deliver top-notch music at different frequency levels. These ear buds are known for the bass quality and deliver clear sound without any screeching noise, irrespective of how loud you have turned up the volume.

These ear buds are also known to deliver extreme clarity in terms of the singers vocals, the instruments used in the song along with the tune. Although these bad boys deliver good bass quality, they do not deliver the thumping sound that a few listeners prefer. If that is what you are into, then you may want to look at another pair of wireless ear buds. All in all, for the price that you pay for this pair of ear buds, they are definitely worth every cent.


  • Super comfortable
  • Budget friendly price
  • Cute carry case


  • Some features such as noise cancellation are not that great
  • Battery life could be better


There are various features that the Anker Soundcore Liberty Air buds come with and one of the major reasons why they have gained so much popularity is they are affordable and are a complete wireless package.

If you are looking for something that looks really stylish, is comfortable to use and comes in a neat design then these pieces are definitely something you should give a try. Do not expect spectacular music from it because considering its price, it only delivers how much you pay for it.

One thing you can be rest assured about is that these ear buds will last you a long time and they are really easy to get used to which means you will not have to struggle too much before you actually start enjoying your music. This is what makes them good quality product and we hope this  review was able to show it to you.



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