Apple In-Ear Headphones Review – Trendy for a Reason

Apple In-Ear Headphones review

You’ve been asking for it, and we too felt it was about time we did a review of the Apple In-Ear headphones. The earbuds have been on a rampage for a while now, attracting the attention of all those looking to upgrade from the headphones that came with their iPhone, but who didn’t want to lose the uni-form colors.

We’ve spent quite a lot of time with the headphones, both on and off the clock, and overall, we’ve got quite a few thoughts to spill over to you. So without any more delays, jump on down below the break for a full headphone review of these mega-selling pair of headphones by Apple!

Design and Comfort


This is Apple! If the headphones are going to score well anywhere, it’s in this category. And just as we expected, the in-ear headphones supported one of the best designs we’ve seen in a set of in-ears in recent memory. First of all, there’s the signature white on off-white look that’s been made popular by the iPod, as well as the headphones that ship with them. The same style is applied here, and though we tend to hate the look on the iPod, we actually liked it here.

Likewise, we appreciated the pleasantly curved and rubberized tips, which unlike the stock iPhone earbuds, actually fit in-ear. The headphones come with three sizes of tip, allowing you to adjust the fit to best match your ear. However, we still had quite a lot of trouble getting the proper ear-to-phone seal. In fact, the only way we could adequately secure them to our ear was to flip them forward—almost upside down, really—and then put the cable behind our ear. This arrangement was, obviously, slightly annoying, but the design is still overall quite nice.

Sound Quality and Performance


First things first. These babies perform much better than the crappy headphones that came stock with your first iPhone 4S. However, they still aren’t quite on the level we’d expect for the $50 price range. The bass is much boomier than in the stock option, but it’s still not comparable to a similar model by Shure.

Likewise, though the mids are much more present here than in the normal earbuds, they lacked the specific butter tone we love in our headphones. The highs performed quite well, though we did notice some sibilance at high volumes, though thankfully no distortion anywhere else.

Overall Value

If you’re a dedicated Apple fan, the $50 price tag isn’t too much to ask for these headphones. The sound quality is far from the best we’ve heard, and in fact, we could name about three other models in the price range that might be a better purchase. However, if looks, chic, and a matching pair of in-ear headphones for your iPhone matter more, they’re hardly a set of bank busters.

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