Are wireless headphones good?

are wireless headphones good

The technology is constantly evolving every year with newer gadgets being launched with high-end features, sophisticated functionalities and specs to make it more convenient for the consumers. The wireless technology has really come a long way in the recent years and these days you see more and more gadgets as well as accessories that incorporate the wireless technology. For instance most of the computer accessories such as keyboards, mouse, speakers and headphones are now available in good quality wireless variants.

The wireless headphones have the capability of connecting to the devices without using any wire or cables. Here it is important to note that many of the wireless devices also come with detachable cord or cable which provides you the additional option of connecting to the devices through the cable.

Connection mechanism for the wireless headphones

Most of the wireless devices such as wireless headphones connect through Bluetooth technology. There is also another method of connecting via Bluetooth which is called NFC. Besides this the wireless headphones can also be connected through Wi-Fi, Infrared or custom wireless connections. Let us have a look at some of these connection types in brief.

Bluetooth: the Bluetooth is a technology of near-field communication that allows the connection or pairing between the devices across short distance, which might be up to 10 meters. To connect your wireless headphone to a mobile device or a computer you would need to ensure that the devices are in the mode of Bluetooth pairing and then once you activate the
Bluetooth settings you will be able to discover all the devices that are available in that Bluetooth range.

For instance your wireless headphone will have a name and once the Bluetooth connection has been established you will see the name wireless headphone amongst the available devices. You must choose that and establish a connection with the wireless

NFC: the NFC also uses the Bluetooth technology however it is even more simple to connect using the NFC. All you have to do is physically touch the device or Smartphone with N symbol on the headphones that support NFC for establishing the connection automatically.

Wi-Fi: the Wi-Fi is basically the same connection that you use to connect the different devices at home to your internet connection via router. When you connect the wireless headphones through Wi-Fi you are able to connect your wireless headphone from a larger distance than what is possible with Bluetooth.

The quality of sound with Wi-Fi can also be slightly better in comparison to when you connect the wireless headphone through Bluetooth. This is because Wi-Fi allows you to transmit larger size of audio data in comparison to Bluetooth.

Comparing the wireless headphones to the wired version

The most obvious and basic difference between the two headphones is the mode of connection: the wireless headphones are connected through different wireless technology whereas the wired headphones are connected through the cable. Both the versions of headphones have their own pros and cons. Let us have a look.

Wireless headphones: the wireless headphones can be connected through the various wireless technology however prominently they are connected via Bluetooth. There are various benefits or advantages of using wireless headphones.

The wireless headphones are relatively more convenient and easier to use than the wired headphones. You don’t have to worry about the wire getting tangled or cluttering of the cable. Just connect the device wirelessly and enjoy your audio at your own convenience. These days a lot of the people choose wireless headphones because they are compatible, convenient, compact and easier to use. Many of the smartphone companies have also got rid of the headphone jack meant for wired headphones.

If you are using the wired headphones that means you have to deal with the clutter of the cable that connects the headphone to the device. However there are several advantages of using wired headphone over the wireless version. You get better sound quality with wired headphones, though the gap in sound quality has been minimized in the recent times, but still you get superior quality sound with wired headphones.

The wired headphones are relatively cheaper than the wireless headphones. Also you don’t have to worry about charging the battery or battery percentage which is the case with wireless headphones.


Summarizing the wireless headphones of the modern generation provide good enough sound quality for requirements of most of the users. The difference in quality of sound between the two versions is negligible. These days the wireless headphones are available in very compact designs and this means that you get unmatched freedom and convenience using the wireless

However if you are very specific about the sound quality or worried about the constant battery drainage then you should go for the wired version. Otherwise the wireless headphones are very efficient and good enough to satisfy your audio requirements.

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