Best Audiophile Speakers

best audiophile speakers

If you are an audiophile person you’d obviously want the best speaker systems out there in the market, Today the market is saturated with some of the best speaker systems and audio setups that you can find. There is no better time to be an audiophile than right now. In this piece we will enlist some of the best speaker systems in the market and have a brief look at them.

When you are out there looking for the best speaker system to purchase it is important to look at specifications and parameters which provide the guide for your choice. Some of the parameters that should shape your eventual decision of purchasing includes frequency range, signal to noise ratio, audio input, output control, construction material and appearance amongst other factors.

Also a reliable manufacturer with high-quality range of audio systems and speaker devices must always be preferred over others.

The best in class audiophile speakers

There are multiple audio gadgets and speaker systems in the market that provide the clearest audio sound and added features to tune the audio as per your own requirements. Some of the best speaker systems in the market currently include Definitive technology BP9080x, Klipsch Forte III, Klipsh RP-150M, KEF LS50 wireless, Q acoustics concept 20, Polk Signature S60, Q Acoustics BT 3 and Edifier R1280 T amongst others.

Let us check out some of these products in more detail.

Definitive Technology BP9080x

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The Definitive Technology is one of the leading players in the market when it comes to speaker systems and audio technology. The company has produced some of the best audio products over the years such as wireless speakers, sound bars, headphones and other related products.

When it started producing its audio systems in the 90s decades, the company used the bipolar design technology in its products and even now the company continues to develop that design by providing more features, sophistication as well as clarity of the sound.

The BP9000 series of its products are popular amongst the customers and these line of products use various floor standing, center as well as surround models and they include the elevation module which you can attach to floor standers for reproducing the height channels of the Dolby Atmos and the DTS:X soundtracks.

The BP9080x from the Definitive Technology is built slim and tall. The dimensions of the speaker system is 50.5″ H x 7″ W x 16″ D and in terms of weight the speakers weigh approximately 62 pounds. The driver complement of this speaker system is similar to its predecessor however according to the manufacturer, all the crossover components, drivers as well as electronics have been suitably upgraded in comparison to the previous line of models thus providing the customers with a clear enhancement when it comes to their latest offering.

The BP9080x has a built-in 455 W amplifier for its subwoofer section and it has an opposite pair of the 12″ passive radiators on side panels. Whereas above them you will find you will find a 12″ driver toward left side. This product implements the intelligent technology of Bass control with the addition of DSP.

It helps in claiming better control of the volume in the 2 of the lowest octaves, whereas helps in maintaining the combination of woofer outputs along with output for midrange drivers which is instrumental in providing a much clearer sound in the midrange section. The output of the subwoofer is adjusted through dial which is available on rear panel.

The forward drivers of the BP9080x consists of D’Appolito array which is a couple of 5.25 midrange drivers that come with the polypropylene cones surrounded by 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter and each of these are placed in their own compartments so that they can be isolated from the output of the subwoofer. The phased plugs also known as waveguides for linear response are meant for providing higher linear frequency response both on as well as off the axis.

One of the most noticeable change that the company brought to the BP9000 range of models was addition of high pass network for the midrange drivers which helps in creating third order alignment which in turn complements subwoofer section better.


  • The soundstage that comes with this model huge, deep and larger than life. This model provides efficient and brilliant full range response. With this model you can enjoy the home theater experience without requiring the additional footprint of subwoofers. The high-fidelity volume combined with the ability to play incredibly high levels of volume makes this model one of the best speaker systems in its category.


  • This model has a bipolar design which doesn’t necessarily produce pinpoint imaging that is possible with speaker designs of direct radiation. Each of the speaker in this setup requires the electric outlet. There is no remote control provided for controlling the bass output from the comfort of your chair. Lastly it’s a tad expensive however what you get is an excellent product for the price.

Klipsch RP-150M


Klipsch is one of the most well known brands in the audio industry and the name is associated with precision and clarity. Two of the most fundamental requirements of a good speaker system. In comparison to its previous models the Klipsch RP-150M provides a lot of new and added features to attract the customers.

As far as specs go each of the speaker weights approximately 7 lbs and it has a solid build for durability. There is also a grill provided that can be potentially attached with the help of magnets. This helps in improving the sound as well as overall outlook of the speakers. Thу 150M model uses hybrid cross-section Tractrix horn which is mounted on the ported enclosure.

The hybrid 90×90 Tractrix horn is one of the most important features of this model and this horn makes use of circular horn throat which is paired with square horn mouth that helps in improving the response of the overall high frequency. Additionally it also improves sound dynamics and imaging.


  • The Klipsch RP-150M is strong speaker with lots of flexibility and it is also very affordable in comparison to other models which makes it a preferred choice for the audiophiles. The accuracy and crisp sound combined with the sound dynamic makes this an extremely attractive proposition. The version of piano black looks gorgeous and can match possibly any interior.


  • One of the things that people might dislike about this model is the considerably smaller size however it doesn’t have any impact on the performance. This speaker system is slightly expensive in its category of $350-450 as there are relatively cheaper ones in the market.
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