Best Earbuds for Small Ears 2020

People who have small ears always find it challenging to choose the right earbuds that are comfortable. If you search carefully in the market, then you will easily find plenty of in-ear headphones that have bulky earbuds.

This type of earbuds pushes the different parts of the ear that results in pain or fatigue to those who have small ears. In a situation like this, they can try soft earbuds, but the design of this type of earbud can still be bulky for a few people.

If you have small ears, then you should choose ultra-slim and in-ear fit earbuds that are very small in size and don’t touch the outer surface of the ear canal. In the section below, we will take you through a list of some of the best earbuds that you should consider using if you have small ears.

Top 7 Earbuds for Small Ears

In this section, we will talk about the top earbuds that are suitable for small ears. In addition to that, we will also discuss their features and why you should buy them.

1. JBL Live 220BT Wireless In-Ear Headphone


This amazing neckband designed headphone is also known for its flexibility, which will help you to enjoy comfortable musical experience throughout the day. The headphone can run up to 10 hours.

The great battery life of this headphone makes this product special. JBL Live 220BT Wireless headphone is compatible with AI like Alexa and Google Assistant. So you can use this headphone even for commanding your smartphone.

Some of the best features of this headphone are as follows:

  • This headphone offers deep and powerful bass. If you use this headphone, then you also will be able to enjoy the signature sound quality of JBL through a wireless device.
  • The headphone is powered by TalkThru technology that amplifies the surrounding voices and lowers the music.
  • The AmbientAware technology of this headphone offers sound immersion features that increase the ambient noise. Due to this reason, you can easily hear the sound of the surroundings.
  • It has a rechargeable battery. You can quickly recharge the battery within just 2 hours and enjoy your favorite music for 10 hours.
  • JBL Live220BT also comes with ear tips of multiple sizes. People with small ears can also consider using this headphone.


2. 1MORE Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphone


This is a great headphone which is known for its amazing performances. The manufacturer of this product has ideally optimized it for iOS devices. They have included a high-resolution Bluetooth chip with AAC transmission during the build process of this headphone. This is the main reason for which this headphone offers better sounding audio at similar bit rates. If you are using an android phone even, then you can consider using this headphone.

Some of the key features of 1MORE Triple Driver BT In-Ear Headphone are as follows:

  • Three different types of drivers power this headphone. Two of them are balanced armatures. The other one is a separate dynamic driver that delivers an authentic listening experience.
  • This earphone also has an integrated microphone, which is powered by an ENC technology filter that cancels out background noises up to 15 dB. It will allow you to talk in loud areas.
  • The earbud is made of aerospace-grade metal that offers sizzling highs, deep bass, and clear midrange.
  • It is powered by LDAC transmission technology, and it runs on Bluetooth v4.2, which offers a meticulous sounding experience. The Bluetooth version of this headphone and LDAC enables a transmission speed of 990 kbps, which is three times higher than the regular headphones.
  • This 1More headphone is also powered by fast charging technology. Ten minutes of charging time will allow you to use this headphone for over 3 hours

1MORE Triple Driver Headphone offers impressive sound quality along with other features such as fast charging and environmental noise cancellation technology. If you have small ears, then you can consider using this headphone.

3. Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphone

Best earbuds for small ears


This Panasonic headphone comes with ergonomic design. Due to this reason, it fits perfectly with small ears. Some of the best features of this headphone are as follows:

  • This type of headphones comes with three different kinds of earpads that include small, medium, and large. So, if you have little ears, then you can confidently buy this headphone. If not even, then you can consider using this because this headphone also comes with medium and large earpads.
  • The headphone offers features like stereo audio. It means that the sound that it provides are tonally balanced with deep low and crisp high notes.
  • Panasonic ErgoFit earbud headphones have 3.6 feet long headphone cord. The long wire length of this headphone makes this headphone easy to use.
  • It also offers lively sound quality and broader frequency response for recorded audio.
  • This headphone comes with a microphone & call controller. This feature of this earbud makes it far better than the other products of its types. You can easily connect and use this headphone with Android and iPhones.

Panasonic ErgoFit earbud headphones offer excellent sound quality with amazing features like call controller. If you have small ears, then you can confidently opt for this earbud to enjoy your music.

4. MEE Audio M6P in Ear Isolating Earphone


If you have little ears, then you can consider using this earphone. MEE audio M6P near Isolating Earphone comes in plenty of different colors, including black, purple, etc. Some of its most useful features are as follows:

  • The earphone came with memory wire and secured over-the-ear fit features that never comes out from the ear.
  • The sound quality that MEE Audio M6P offers is genuinely impressive. The enhanced bass and energetic sound of this headphone make this product far better than others.
  • This product also has a noise isolating feature.
  • Thr earphone comes with a carrying case along with six sets of ear tips.
  • MEE Audio M6P also has a noise isolating feature.
  • Ergonomic design of this earpiece offers long-term wearing comfort.

Overall it is fair to conclude that MEE Audio M6P offers excellent sound quality. Besides, the earphone also comes with six sets of ear tips that can fit in different sizes of ears. If you have small ears even, then you can consider using this earphone.

5. Bose SoundTrue Ultra In-Ear


This fantastic Bose headphone offers an amazing sounding experience. In addition to that, it also comes with one year of guarantee. Some of the best features of this headphone are as follows:

  • The in-line control of this headphone works excellently on both Apple and Android devices.
  • The acoustic design of this headphone isolates external noise. It also allows users to enjoy crisp details in the music.
  • Bose is a renowned international brand that is known for offering high-quality audio devices. This fantastic headphone from Bose provides excellent sound quality. You can also use this headphone with your Apple or Android phone, even if your ears are small.

6. Sony MDRXB50AP


Sony is a renowned international company that makes excellent headphones and earphones with extra bass. Their MDRXB50AP model might look small, but it delivers the best bass that one can experience through headsets. Some of the best features of this headphone are as follows:

  • This earbud is made of hybrid silicone that offers a secured and comfortable fit.
  • The connectivity technology of this headphone is wired, but the wire is tangle-free. The cord of the headphone is more extensive, and it comes with a slider.
  • It is known for offering deep and powerful bass. The neodymium driver of this earphone provides a balanced sound.
  • The lightweight feature of this headphone ensures ultimate music mobility.
  • It is also integrated with a phone controller and microphone.

Overall it is fair to conclude that if you love bass, then you should consider buying this earphone. People with small ears can also do the same.

7. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphone


This excellent Sennheiser headphone is available for both AndroidAndroid and iOS devices. This custom machined headphone is made of stainless steel, and it delivers accurate sound. Some of the best features of this device are as follows:

  • This is a wired headphone, but the wire is tangle-free.
  • Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphone is equipped with integrated microphone and 3-button in-line remote.
  • The in-ear canal design of this headphone offers excellent ambient noise.
  • The transducer of this headphone is highly dynamic that produces high output while keeping the distortion low.
  • Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphone also comes with multiple sized ear tips that ensure a personalized fit. So, if you have small ears even then, you can consider buying and using this headphone. You will also get two years of warranty with this product.

These are currently the best earbuds that people with small ears can consider. While making this list, we have checked its features, customer reviews, and pricing. From this list, you can choose any in-ear headphone or earbud that you like. While picking, you should also consider your listening habits, preference, and taste.

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