Best On-Ear Headphones 2020

The headphone is a sound accessory which is used with multiple gadgets such as cell phones and computers. If you are a sound enthusiast then you will find a wide range of high quality premium earphones in the market that deliver high performance and are designed brilliantly. When it comes to headphones there are two different categories, on-ear headphone and over-ear headphones. The difference between the two sets of headphones is that the on-ear headphones just sit on the ear with smaller ear cups whereas the over-ear headphones have much bigger ear cups that cover the entire ear.

The over-ear headphones generally provide better sound however they are more bulky to carry around. This is why some people prefer the on-ear headphones as they are more compact, travel-friendly and are generally cheaper in price. These on-ear headphones have also evolved with the passage of time and now these models come with noise cancellation as well as other sophisticated features that were once associated with the over-ear headphones.

So if you are looking to purchase the on-ear headphones then it is important that you look around for different options and eventually choose one that suits your requirements the best. Here we will be reviewing some of the on-ear headphone models.

1. Beats Solo Pro

best on-ear headphones


This is the first on-ear headphone from Beats that features active noise cancellation and it is also the first headphone from the company that charges via lightning, The model uses company’s ANC, known as adoptive noise cancellation that is derived from the studio3 wireless and they are update for accommodating the form factor of the on-ear design.

The company provides a feature where with the click of a button the customer can turn off the noise cancellation which will help in extending battery life. If the customer hits the button twice then it would enable the mode of audio transparency which allows listening to outside world as well as the ambient sound.

These headphones are available in different colors and these headphones come equipped with 6 microphones. The sound quality is well-balanced and smooth and these headphones provide punchy bass which doesn’t necessarily make the sound boomy. The design is comfortable for an on-ear design and the compactness of design makes it convenient to travel with these headphones.

Pros and cons

As is the case with most of the products these Beats Solo Pro also have their own advantages and drawbacks. Let us have a look. When it comes to the pros these headphones come with improved design, active noise cancellation, hands-free siri, good battery life, transparency mode, H1 chip and Bluetooth 5.0.

As far as cons are concerned some of the drawbacks associated with this model includes no 3.5mm jack meant for the wired use, no option for automatic pausing, lack of companion app for customization, plastic build and slightly expensive in the similar category of these products.

2. Skullcandy Riff Wireless


The Skullcandy Riff can be considered as the spiritual successor of Grind wireless. These wireless on-ear headphones are available in various color options and it sells for about $50. The ear cups of these headphones are fluffy and pillow-like which makes these headphones considerably comfortable to wear on the ears.

You also get good sound quality at this price point and the detailed sound combined with open as well as plump bass means that the whole range of sound is well balanced. This wireless headphone is light and compact in its design which you can easily handle this headphone and fold it flat when you want.

Pros and Cons

The Skullcandy Riff wireless headphones have several high points which includes efficient reproduction of bass sound, good Bluetooth connection, comfortable earpads, built-in quality microphone, affordable pricing and quick charging feature.

When it comes to the drawbacks, there is no padding on headband. The build quality is plastic and could have been better. There is no provision for the passive noise cancellation and the scooped mids lack in clarity.

3. Plantronic Backbeat Fit 500


This is one of the most comfortable on-ear headphones at this price point and one of the reasons is a popular choice amongst the consumers. This wireless headphone delivers very good quality of audio and it is fairly durable. You get a decent battery life of 18 hours and it comes with the sweat resistant version as well.

The Plantronic Backbeat Fit 500 is available in various color options and it has a cushioned foam headband as well as earpad for comfortable fitting for the long listening duration. The headband comes with geometric contour which is angular and fitting is adjustable through detents on each of the sides.

Pros and Cons

As far as advantages go the Plantronic Backbeat Fit 500 provides a good battery life of 18 hours and 6 hibernation months. It has good sound quality and the product comes in both wireless as well as wired mode. The headphone has comfortable build for long usage so you can listen to audio for long hours without causing any discomfort.

The cons for this headphone includes lack of noise cancellation and somewhat of an outdated design. Besides this the accuracy of the quality of sound can be better but it is somewhat expected at this price point.

4. Bose On-Ear Wireless


This is one of the last remaining on-ear model from the company and it is available only in just one color which is triple black. Even though this range of model has witnessed minor upgrades throughout the years it is still one of the most comfortable model when it comes on-ear headphones.

These earphones sit comfortably on the ears owing to the winged tips. This headphone performs efficiently for making phone calls and it also has an automatic turning off feature for preserving the battery life.

Pros and cons

There are various amazing features that you get with this headphones. The Bose on-ear wireless has very good Bluetooth connectivity and they are very comfortable to wear. This headphone works effectively with Google Now and Siri. The headphone has good quality sound and it is sweat resistant.

When it comes to disadvantages or drawbacks, the relatively higher price is a bit of a dampener. Besides this the battery life of approximately 6 hours is a bit lacking and the companion app that is available with these headphones does not contribute anything new.

5. Grado Prestige Series SR80e


The wired headphones from Grado are amongst the best in their category and this entry level model is no different. This headphone has open-back design that provides articulate and nice as well as open quality of sound. The audio from this headphone has considerable detail and smooth balance as well as deep bass. These headphones are a good low budget option for the customers who are looking for decent sound quality at a relatively lower price.

Pros and cons

The pros of this headphone include good nuanced and balanced sound plus good quality product at this price. The treble that you get with this headphone is pretty efficient. It also has a punchy and fast Bass.

When it comes to the cons, this headphone has leaky design and the build quality is not the most durable which is to be expected. Beyond this the soundstage could have been wider too.

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