Beyerdynamic DT 240 Review

Beyerdynamic DT 240 Review

Beyerdynamic is a popular brand when it comes to good quality headphones. One of the highlights of this particular model is that it comes with good sound quality and a great price to match. If you are on a budget and you’re looking for headphones that are easy to carry along with you while you travel then you need to continue reading this Beyerdynamic DT 240 review.

One of the best things about this Beyerdynamic headphone is that even though the headphones are quite light in weight and comes with an easily foldable design, it lasts a long time. These headphones, however, are more compatible for people with smaller ears. We reviewed these headphones a while ago and realized that people will big ears will find it uncomfortable to wear.

beyerdynamic dt240 review


We have been using these headphones for a while now and can safely admit that they deliver supreme quality audio and convenient to carry when you need to move around. There are a number of features that impress us about these headphones. Let’s take a look at some of the features that are not found with many brands in this price range.

Sound Quality

The Beyerdynamic headphones are designed as audiophile and professional headphones. Although audiophile headphones come in at a high price, the reason this model is so popular is because they manage to reach out to people who are looking for budget friendly devices that come with superior features from reputed brand names.

The headphones come with superior noise isolation feature that ensures that there is very minimal spill over. What this means is that the headphones will be able to eliminate ambient noise and take away all distractions while ensuring that no music goes out. This is extremely important if you plan on using these headphones outdoors and you do not want to be disturbed by the external sounds and do not want to disturb others with what you are listening to.

These phones are built for recording and they provide clean bass along with a defined treble that is just what professionals look for. Irrespective what music genre you love listening to, these headphones are built for perfection and they will deliver top quality music without any distractions.



Our first impression for these headphones was that they are tiny for over the ear headphones. However, some people find regular sized headphones a little big making this a perfect fit for petite people and kids.

Although these headphones are small, they come with some great features including a neat case to carry around. Since they are small, it becomes that much easier for you to take these around wherever you want to go. They are also foldable which makes them even smaller when you place them in the case. This will help create more space in your luggage.

These headphones also tend to weigh a lot less in comparison to other headphones by big brands. If you are someone that is worried about how you look while wearing headphones then these Beyerdynamic headphones are perfect for you.

The headband is also comfortable and this makes it easy for you to sit in any position and wear it without worrying about any rough metal edges hurting you. While they are tiny, they are durable and they will not go out of shape or give way anytime soon.

We use these headphones for a major part of the day and did not find them to be flimsy in any way.

We personally enjoyed reviewing these headphones because they were budget friendly and came with everything that one would need to listen to good music. Have to admit that these headphones are not designed for someone looking to wear it for long hours. The headphones may be delicate however they are not comfortable. If we have to put it simply, these headphones are better for women than they are for men.


Every headphone review should focus on performance and this Beyerdynamic DT 240 review is no different. While the looks of these headphones definitely impress, its performance is what makes the device really popular. With these studio monitor headphones, you can get clean and well balanced music which makes it an impressive budget friendly headphone.

It plays rock music really well and you won’t have the unnecessary thumping feeling which cheap quality headphones usually deliver. The sound is very clear and you won’t suddenly have any unnecessary screeching while listening to music. This allows you to enjoy music without sudden jerks or unnecessary sounds that could just ruin the experience.

These headphones are created with a balance of quality and portability thereby making it easy to use. Let’s not forget that these versatile headphones are compatible with almost any gadget that you have in mind.


  • Good quality music output
  • Versatile device
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Clear audio without any screeching sound
  • Durable and strong body
  • Superior noise isolation


  • Designed for small ears
  • Not that great for bass music


If you are looking for a good brand that comes at an affordable price then these Beyerdynamic headphones definitely fit the bill perfectly. From this review, you would have realized that one of the best things about these headphones is that they are easy to use and since they are small it becomes convenient for you to carry it around.

If you have been looking for headphones for your children in particular, you may want to check these headphones out. Since they are compatible with multiple gadgets, they will also connect with your kids gaming console, making your house a quieter place.

We highly recommend checking the dimensions of the headphones before you purchase it because this can avoid any sort of disappointment once you get your hands on it. These headphones work with almost any device which makes it easy for you to connect them comfortably when you get into your car, on your smartphone or even your laptop or your television, for that matter. We tested them on multiple devices and they seemed to work pretty well, thereby making it a smart investment.

These headphones are small however they are definitely mighty and they are the kind of headphones that will last you a long time. They are not flimsy or delicate in any way and this makes it ideal for children that are not exactly the best when it comes to looking after devices. Since it has good volume control, you can rely on these headphones to not damage your childs hearing.


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