Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro Review – Plush, Luxuriously, and Curiously Lacking

Beyerdynamic DT 700 Pro review

Sometimes, we want a high-quality pair of headphones. It seems like we just get tired of looking at the cheaper stuff, and before we know it our ears are screaming for something deep, penetrating, and extremely satisfying – you know what we’re talking about. So without further ado, we’re going to skip the cheap stuff to take a look at the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro series headphones.

The German manufacturer is known for producing incredible stereo headphones, and this set of cans is no different, though we found them not quite perfect. All in all, though, you can check below to find our full headphone review on this luxurious and plush pair of headphones, starting with.

Design and Comfort


We don’t know what it is about German manufacturers, but they all seem to have the same sensibilities when it comes to design. The DT 770 Pros, like most other models by companies like Sennheiser, feature a luxurious but subdued leather and metal fetish theme. The ear caps, which offer a closed back, are cloaked in a thick ream of fake leather, while the inner part of the caps are almost ludicrously plush and padded, providing for an unbelievably comfortable fit.

The headband is nothing much to mention, which is a good thing, really. We like a pair of cans we don’t notice when they’re dangling on our noggin. Otherwise, the high quality construction didn’t disappoint, bringing a level of durability and comfort that we feel almost every audiophile will appreciate. Still, if you’re into the whole opulence thing (a la Dre’s Beats) you may be a bit underwhelmed by the low-key look.

Sound Performance and Quality


As mentioned, we were very much in the mood for a high-end pair of headphones with an equally top-shelf sound performance. Thankfully, we weren’t totally disappointed. The DT 770 Pros are solid all the way around, producing a tone quality that’s consistently broad, warm, and rich, especially at the highs. We liked the clarity we found along the entire spectrum, though we did notice the bass and treble tend to take center stage.

We aren’t saying the mids sucked – in fact, they were really quite nice. However, once the DT 770 Pros had had plenty of time to burn in, we noticed a definite lack of robustness in the middle sections.

We don’t think this is an oversight as much as an interesting design choice, but either way, you’ll certainly get a lot more extremes out of the headphones than a broad spectrum listening experience – Billy Joel would be proud.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, the DT 770 Pros are only arounf $200, putting them about a rung lower than most higher-end headphone sets, but still higher than a budget offering. As such, the sound is pretty incredible, minus the mids, literally, and the design is solid.

Still, we have a feeling an extra $100 would buy you a lot more headphone, than with the DT 770 Pro.

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