Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Review – A Set of Cans Tesla Would be Proud Of

Beyerdynamic T1 review

When it comes to headphone quality, we tend to follow a very basic rule: If the headphones look like a jet engine and come with a price tag to match, you can bet they sound great on the front-end. Generally speaking, this principle has done us well, and the Beyerdynamic T1 are no exception. The headphones look like they’ve been wound by hand (they have) and the sound like they’ve been engineered with unparalleled professionalism (they were).

We’re blown away by the set, and though the nearly $1300 price tag will put off all but the richest of audiophiles, they’re easily worth their weight in gold. For our full thoughts on this killer set of over-ear headphones, check out our headphone review below!

Design and Comfort

Beyerdynamic T1 review1


When it comes to precision, the German manufacturer Beyerdynamic has a reputation for being quite exacting—we always assumed the German part of that covered things. However, their craftsmanship has never been seen more clearly than in the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1. The titanium casing and thick, luxurious earpads are all but perfection, offering the sort of fit one would expect from a line of headphones this pricy. We’ll skip the more blasé details to focus on the construction, however.

The drivers are held just beyond the earcap’s mesh grate, and the spacious diaphragms are under that. The coils themselves have been hand wound in Germany, as apparently, no computer is capable of meeting the company’s impressive standards. Each component of the system has been designed to offer the best possible listening angle, delivering waves in an approximately natural way to your ear drum.

All in all, there’s hardly a thing we could complain about, as the headphones have been built from the ground-up to reach the heavens.

Sound Quality and Performance


However, we’re willing to bet you’re more interested in the actual sound performance than the design. So we’ll keep this simple: If you can afford them, the Tesla T1 produce a sound like none other we’ve ever encountered. The level of clarity is precisely natural, creating a sound stage that puts three dimensions squarely in your face.

The audio quality is such that we felt completely encompassed by our tracks, as if we were right there on stage. The highs are crisp and delicate, while the lows are robust and boomy. The mids are soft and buttery, so much so that we just about wet our pants. Overall, it’s hard to find a better set of headphones for audiophiles anywhere.

Overall Value

Value, understandably, really isn’t the name of the game here. The headphones will set you back roughly $1300, and though you’ll get your money’s worth, they really only shine with a dedicated headphone amplifier and home set-up. If you’re looking for an iPod companion of the first degree, this isn’t the set for you.

If you’re looking for an incredibly intricate and marvelously crafted pair of cans, you’ve got your match made in seventh heaven.

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