Bose vs Beats – Headphones Brands Comparison

bose vs beats

There are a lot of outstanding noise-canceling headphones available in the market presently. Having a good set of headphones is the most valuable thing in itself. When advanced technological features such as no wires, Bluetooth connectivity, long-lasting batteries, and noise-canceling adds-up into these headphones, it becomes invaluable. Many music lovers no longer pleased with the complimentary earphones that come with their smartphones; thus, they look for premium headphones that aim to provide the best quality stereo sound quality.

This is where Bose and Beats headphones come into the picture. These two headphones brands include excellent sound-control features, elegant design, as well as durability. Bose and Beats model are the two popular brands favored in the headset market. Both brands have been in the market for a long time and developed excellent sounds under their brands.

Let’s dive into our Bose vs Beats comparison!

Bose headphones

bose vs beats


These headphones come with wireless and ANC technology, which involves top-grade materials and craftsmanship. The headphones involve classic aesthetics and dull colors, which may not appear that appealing; however, mostly preferred by the professionals of various industries. The headphones became extremely popular because of the listeners demanding for superior quality sound having bass and volume is more leveled.

Beats headphones

beats vs bose


The high-end brand is widely popular for its audio products and a bit over-priced. The headphones are clear and loud producing sounds while listening to music. The Beats headphones are characterized by a heavier bass sound, which was developed for hip-hop and pop music. These headphones designed to help you overpower outside surroundings while you take phone calls or listen to music.

The major differences

  • Comfortability:

The Bose headphones are more comfortable for long-hours listening without putting any pressure on your ears. It completely covers the ears, and you will not feel any discomfort like squishing of the ears against the rims of the cans. The lightweight headphones can be used for long intervals because of its padding.

The over-ear headphones by Beats cup your ears comfortably so that you can use it for a longer period of time. The adjustable headphones make it fit your head without having any problem. However, there are a lot of issues with the craftsmanship of the earpieces, and many users reported the peeling of materials after six months of using these headphones. These are quite heavy as compared to Bose headphones.

  • Sound quality:

The sound quality of the Bose headphones comes with a subjective measurement; thus, it comes to the mid-range when the sound rises to the top. It has a clear and balanced sound quality making the instruments and vocal separated while listening to the music. The neodymium magnets present in the headphones make it lighter at the time of high notes and powerful bass. All in all, these headphones provide smooth and accurate sounds.

The Beats headphones come with a proprietary Beats Acoustic Engine that creates an emotional experience. The sound quality of these headphones are balanced, but a bit mixed up. The sound quality is normal than that of Bose headphones, and you can find clarity and purity in the sound. Due to the unnatural levels of bass and treble, the headphones create a thick sound.

  • Noise-cancellation feature: 

Noise-cancelling is one of the major elements of Bose headphones. The microphones designed for clearing the background noise, mainly useful for noisy environments. These headphones are best for office and outdoor activities. The noise reduces even when no music is played. The best noticeable thing about these headphones is that it lacks hiss.

The noise-canceling comes down frequently that can be recognizable. The users having sensitive hearing can easily detect the slight hissing sound while using these headphones. The ANC used in the headphones is the noise created through microphones in the ear cups for blocking the background noises. It might be effective for canceling the outside noise; however, listeners can get irritated through this.

  • Battery life:

The battery of Bose can last up to 20 hours when used on a full charge and can run for 40 hours when connected with the included wire.

The Beats headphones come with a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 22 hours, and; by turning off the ANC mode, you will receive 18 more hours of playtime, which means you get a total battery life of 40 hours.

  • Colors obtainable: 

The color options available with Bose headphones are black and silver; when compared to Beats, it doesn’t have a wide variety to choose from.

The Beats headphones provide the best looking pair of headphones that are available in the market. You can find the headphones in 10 different colors so that you can choose to depend upon your preferences.

  • Wireless connectivity feature:

The Bose headphones support Bluetooth pairing with NFC. The pairing of devices performed quickly without entering any code by placing devices next to each other. The headphones work perfectly on iOS and Android devices, having a simple set-up process. Bose provides different headphones; thus, a few headphones might not work on devices with different operating systems.

On the other hand, Beats headphones have an Apple W1 chip that provides seamless setup and switching for your Apple devices along with Class-1 Bluetooth connectivity for range and signal strength. These headphones are compatible with all devices and also on different Android and iOS operating systems.

Pros and Cons explained

The two brands that come across when you think of buying a perfect pair of headphones are Bose and Beats. The leading brands at present, which are popular among users, are music enthusiasts who want the best in sound quality, functionality, and comfort. Even though being the great brands, they have a few pros and cons that you need to keep in mind before making any decision about buying the best product.



  • Cost-effective:

If you are looking for higher models, you will discover that Bose headphones are more affordable than that of Beats headphones. The Bose headphones do not compromise with their quality, so you will definitely get great quality headphones within the same price. The Bose headphones may not be something quite as stylish as a Beats headphone; however, if your priority is to buy something of great quality, then this is the one for you.

  • Durability:

All the headphones under Bose use high-quality materials and craftsmanship, which will last for years. When you properly maintain the headphones, it will remain with you for more years.

  • Audio quality:

Bose headphones are mostly famous for their premium sound quality. You can find a wide range of Bose headphones capable of different sound frequencies that you can select as per your music genre. The high and middle frequencies headphones are more popular that comes with great bass too.

  • Artistic work:

The Bose brand always implements innovative ideas to produce its models. The models are produced using the latest techniques and brand new features to meet the user’s requirements. The brand always thinks of new ways to produce the best headphones consisting of upgraded quality.


  • Less sleek:

The Bose headphones come with an average design but focus more on better functionality. You may notice Beats’ headphones have a wide collection of stylish models than that of Bose.

  • Higher models are better than lower ones:

There is a notable gap between the high-end and low-end models of Bose headphones. On the contrary, the higher-end models of Bose are less affordable than that of Beats models.



  • Audio quality:

Beats deliver excellent sound quality headphones to its users. This is the reason they have created a large fan base because of their bass headphones. The Beats headphones attract those users listening to heavy bass music genres.

  • Durability:

The high-end models of Beats use the best quality materials that last for a long period of time. This mainly applies to its studio-quality headphones, which offer similar standards as professional headphones.


  • High priced:

The Beats headphones are quite expensive than that of Bose headphones, which offers similar quality at affordable costs. Regardless of their sleek designs, Bose headphones are the best option when a design does not matter.

  • Not comfortable enough:

The Beats headphones cannot be used for long-term wearing. A few of the models let you feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time. On the contrary, Bose headphones provide users with more comfortable headphones.


bose va beats1

Both Bose and Beats headphone brands provide a wide range of models, including amazing sound quality for music enthusiasts. There are several options users can discover from both the brands. The unique features of both brands make them a smart option for users to buy them; however, it completely depends on their needs and preferences.

Bose headphones offer a traditional listening experience like rock, pop, etc. In contrast, Beats headphones focused on the design and look along with creating a listening experience for users who wants heavy bass music genres.

Both the Bose and Beats brands have exciting offers for every user, no matter what’s your liking or price range.

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