Etymotic ER-4PT Review – High Dollar Price, Low-Register Sound

Etymotic ER-4PT review

When we think about original headphone pioneer Etymotic, we typically think about a few major characteristics. Chief among these are a high price tag, and excellent in-ear headphone designs. The company did, after all, invent the style of headphone. And with that in mind, the ER-4PT MicroPro fits our general mindset to the T. These headphones will set you back a cool three Benjamins, and offer one of the more interesting in-ear designs we’ve seen all year.

That being said, our headphone review found that they’re beefier than some of the other headphones in the Etymotic line-up, and with a ridiculously comfortable fit, we feel they’re a fine addition to the brand.

Design and Comfort


The first thing one might notice about the Etymotic ER-4PT MicroPro headphones is that it shirks the typical, cone-shaped Etymotic design for an almost stick-like appearance. In fact, the headphones are exactly stick-esque, as they’re jammed directly into the ear to form a seal. However, we aren’t going to complain, as that seal is simply one of the finest we’ve ever encountered. So much so, in fact, that it was often hard to hear the outside world—a potentially dangerous situation, should one need to hear an oncoming taxi, for example.

Otherwise, we quite liked the sleek and unassuming look of the headphones. The cable is thick and beefy, as is the rest of the buds’ construction. The connector plug, however, features an odd bit of excess plastic that may impede your ability to plug the ER-4PT MicroPro into your smartphone.

Sound Quality and Accuracy


When performing our sound test of the ER-4PT MicroPros, we felt it important to compare them initially to another headphone in the Etymotic line. As such, when compared to the hf5 line of in-ear buds, we noticed a lot more bass with the ER-4PT MicroPros. Overall, in fact, the mids and lows are emphasized more here than with any other in-ear by Etymotic. That being said, the bass still isn’t as punchy as say the Turbines by Monster and Dr. Dre.

However, the musical accuracy was unbelievable, faithfully creating rich and bodied tones out of some of our oldest records. We loved the sound, and though the lack of a truly thundering bass section may bother some users, we found we could easily live with it.

Overall Value

All of our thoughts aside, the cold hard truth is that the ER-4PT MicroPros will cost you around $250. In our minds, that price is just a tad too high for what is only a marginally better experience than the cheaper hf5s. That being said, you are also paying for quality construction, as well as an Etymotic two-year warranty. If that matters to you, these headphones are your new best mates.

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