How to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4?

how to connect bluetooth headphones to ps4

The evolution of gaming consoles such as Xbox and Playstation heralded a new era of gaming and brought about sweeping changes to the game titles that have been launched and released subsequently. One of the attractive features of these consoles is that there is productive latest tech accessories that you can use with these consoles. For instance you can choose to connect a Bluetooth headphone to your PS4 so that you can enjoy wireless sound connectivity.

The process of connecting Bluetooth headphones to PS4

There are various ways in which you can connect your Bluetooth headphone to the PS4. You can either connect with simple settings through the supported Bluetooth devices or connect the wired headset to the PS4 or connect the Bluetooth headphone to the PS4 with the help of USB adapter or do it with help of a Dongle.

Let us have a look at some of these methods in more detail.

Connecting the compatible Bluetooth headphone to the PS4

If your device is compatible and supported by SONY then you can just configure a few simple settings for pairing the device with the console. You can check out the headphone package to see if it is compatible and supported by the company.

connecting bluetooth headphones to ps4

So let us see how to configure settings for connecting your Bluetooth headset to the PS4.

As a 1st step you must turn on the Bluetooth headphone in the pairing mode for establishing a connection to the PS4. Then you must go to the settings in the PS4, go to devices there and then select Bluetooth devices.

Then from the listed options choose the name of your headphone for connecting it with the PS4.

If the message shows successfully connected then you have established the connections between the headphone and the PS4 which means you can now proceed with your gaming and activities.

However if you get the message that the specific Bluetooth audio device is not supported or not able to connect within the time frame then you can try some other options as below.

Connecting the Bluetooth headphone wired to the PS4

If you find your device incompatible then you can choose a wired audio cable with an in-built microphone for connection. These are easily available to purchase from different online websites. Once you have that you can connect the Bluetooth headphone and the PS4 controller to the audio cable. After that you must turn on the headset.

Then go to the settings, choose devices and select Bluetooth devices. Select the specific name of the headphone that you want to connect and then go to devices where you have to select audio devices. Choose output device and then click on headset connected to the controller.

Then click on the volume control so that you can adjust volume as per your requirements. Now click on the output to headphones following which select ‘All audio’.

Now the process is done and you can enjoy gaming with the headphone that you have connected.

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