How To Get Free Twitter Followers

Twitter still stays quite popular nowadays, and a lot of people struggle to gain their fans on this platform. Though its engagement rate is not as high as Instagram has, anyway this social media helps to get visitors to your brand or make affiliate sales.

In this article i will reveal obvious and hidden ways to get real and free Twitter followers.

So, let’s start!

1.  Follow other people.

And not just “other”, but the guys from your exact niche.

Generally, excepting ads, this method is the most effective.

Let me tell you about my 2015 case study.

In June 2015 I decided to grow 20 absolutely different Twitter accounts. There were street art, pets, comics, movies, music Twitters. I used Crowdfire, at that moment their price was 60$ per month for 20 accounts. This app worked this way – either you follow other account’s followers or search and follow people with specific hashtags. The one downside all this situation had that I need to make it manually.


Also, I used Tweepi, but Crowdfire was cheaper.

I aimed to 900 follows per day per 1 my account. So you can easily count – for 20 accounts I usually was making 18 000 follows per day. Manually.

And also I was unfollowing around 80% people , who did not follow me back. It was a hell lot of work and as I remember, I was spending around 4 hours for the whole follow/unfollow thing.

But what about the results?

At first I was seeing 30-50 people followed me back. But since I started better targeting I started seeing 100-250 people. From 1 single account!

20* ~150 people = 3000 new followers / day!

That is impressive, isn’t it? In 3 summer months i gained almost 200 000 followers for my 20 Twitters.

For Cats I was following the followers of Cute Kittens and etc.

For Comics I was following the followers of Marvel and DC.

For Sweets Cooking I was following the followers of other cooking accounts.

The first and most important thing for this success was laser targeting and the second one  – a very high quality of my content and very good looking Twitter account’s names. I tried to make something short and brandable like “_pets_”, “_comics_”.

So that was the fastest and efficient method to gain Twitter followers as soon as possible.

Let’s take a look at not so ultimate, but also good ways to grow your account.

2. Put keywords in your bio (relevant keywords). This way your whole account will be ranked by Twitter in its search.

3. Aim to massive retweets! What you can do for this:

  • simply ask for them!
  • include various media in your tweets – images, videos, gifs. Media-rich tweets tend to be retweeted much better.

4. Hashtags.

Always include relevant hashtags in your tweets. This is a very good method if you want your tweets to be found in search results. Good quality tweets + they are ranked on Twitter by hashtags = more new free followers.

free twitter followers

5. Cross promotion in your other social media accounts.

For example, you can put your Twitter account link in your Instagram bio and then make some call to action things like “Click on the link in bio for more info”.

6. Be active.

Publically reply or mention other Twitter’s usernames. This way you’ll get more attention and if your info/content is useful – new followers.

7. Embed your tweets on your own website’s relevant pages.

Your web page’s visitors will proceed to your social media account and follow you.

8. And the last one – post unique and engaging content!

Yes, it sounds obvious but with crappy content your new followers just will unfollow you in a week!

free Twitter followers

Good luck with your Twitter followers growth! And don’t forget to check our ULTIMATE  Guide how to spy on text messages

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