Is Bluetooth safe?

is bluetooth safe1

Bluetooth is one of the most commonly used wireless technology that is used with a variety of different gadgets and applications. Bluetooth is a technology of near-field communication that allows the connection or pairing between the devices across short distance, which might be up to 10 meters.

To connect your wireless device to a mobile device or a computer you would need to ensure that the devices are in the mode of Bluetooth pairing and then once you activate the Bluetooth settings you will be able to discover all the devices that are available in that Bluetooth range.

For instance your wireless headphone will have a name and once the Bluetooth connection has been established you will see the name of the wireless headphone amongst the available devices. You must choose that and establish a connection with the wireless headphone.

Is Bluetooth technology safe to use?

is bluetooth safe

With the widespread use of Bluetooth technology for various years now there have been concerns and discussions regarding the safety of using the Bluetooth technology. There are various theories and concepts that are circulated from to time regarding the harmful impact of the Bluetooth technology on our health.

For example people are concerned that the extended usage of Bluetooth technology might lead to various health problems such as sleeping issues, dizziness, depression, anxiety and probably even brain tumor.

While there are obvious counters to these accusations, the fact of the matter is there haven’t been enough studies to conclusively prove that Bluetooth cause any of those effects and hence there seems to be some ambiguity regarding the long term effects of Bluetooth technology on our health.

The scientists have issued advisories from time to time regarding the exposure from electromagnetic fields (EMF), which could lead to neurological disorder, genetic damage and deficiencies in memory and learning as well as reproductive issues amongst other things. They have made appeals to World Health Organization (WHO) to provide stricter guidelines for the EMF exposure caused by our wireless devices so that people can be better protected against potential harmful effects of EMF.

While there has been significant research with respect to the exposure of EMF, there hasn’t been enough research on the effects of long term exposure to radiation from Bluetooth enabled devices. The precise long term effects are yet to be established but the scientists are continuing their research to find a definite break-through to provide concrete evidence if there is any harmful impact or not.

A lot of the scientists are of the belief that the current guidelines provided for the electromagnetic field radiation is not sufficient and there needs to be more focus as well as studies regarding the effect of Bluetooth technology. What is known though, is the level of radiation that is emitted by the Bluetooth is far less in comparison to the radiation of the cell phone.

So for now generally it is considered safe to use Bluetooth technology until further studies are made however it is recommended that you must use Bluetooth only when needed and avoid unnecessary exposure.

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