Jaybird Vista Review

Jaybird Vista review

Wireless earbuds have become extremely popular in the recent times as is evident by the high number of wireless earbud products being launched by the different companies. The evolution of the wireless technology means we have more sophisticated gadgets that deliver high performance and don’t compromise on the quality of sound.

When it comes to wireless headphones there are so many different prominent manufacturers and products that are available in the market. If you are thinking of purchasing a wireless headphone then is crucial that you must do proper research before buying.

Amongst the different wireless headphones, the Jaybird Vista is one of the most popular wireless headphone product in the market owing to a number of reasons. Here we will go into in-depth review of the Jaybird Vista and look at different aspects of this wireless headphone including the pros and the cons.

Introduction to Jaybird Vista

The Jaybird Vista wireless headphones are amongst the best in the market in true sense of the word. The features that typify these earbuds is the compact and sleek design in addition to the amazing features that are meant for budding athletes. This product comes on the back of Jaybird Run True, these compact earbuds offer resistance to sweat and water which means the earbuds can deal with all levels of indoor as well as outdoor workouts.

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This product comes with a very compact charging case which means it is highly portable and you can carry it around with you wherever you like. As an all-round wireless headphone the Jaybird Vista is an excellent with just some minor caveats. The Jaybird Vista wireless headphones are available in various colors such as mineral blue, planetary green, nimbus gray and black. Each of these options comes with a 14-day return policy and two year warranty.



When it comes to design the Jaybird Vista have a pretty straight-forward design and nothing out of the ordinary or fancy. This simplicity belies the design that is excellently stripped-down. The Jaybird Vista make use of the connected casing of ear and wing tip so that they fit well into the upper edge as well as inside of the ear. This means that you don’t fiddle with different parts as the connected design helps in preventing sweat or water from getting into the drivers.

The Jaybird Vista earbuds are rated IPX7 when it comes to water resistance and this means that these earbuds can successfully deal with in a little dip of water which is one meter deep or a little downpour. However it is important to note that it is not recommended that you should go swimming wearing these wireless headphones as this might expose the device to potential damage.

Jaybird Vista are very compact in design however their carry case is even more compact as they use charging stations that are diagonally slanted for minimizing the dimensions of the case.

The case provided with the Jaybird Vista adds 10 hours of the charge in addition to the six hours for each earbud that you get with the Vista. These numbers are similar to the other model in this category however one big advantage with this product is the relatively light weight and compactness of the case.

You also get USB-C charging port with the earbuds which comes as complementary. One thing that can be observed with these earbuds is that the level of battery drainage for each of the earbud is slightly different which means that they were about 5-10% out of sync when it comes to battery consumption however in general you should get a complete day of charge.



The quality of sound that you get with Jaybird Vista is excellent to say the least. There is a pleasant wide soundstage with the small 6mm drivers and these earbuds provide warm as well as full sound throughout the high, mid and low frequencies.

The falsetto vocals and the thudding drums of the Muse’s plug in the Baby are crafted beautifully, with audio performance similar to the over-ear cans and you can find a similar experience when listening to audio throughout any number of the bassy, pop or rock techno tracks.

The manufacturer has its own Jaybird app that allows you to tinker around and adjust the EQ options online as well as offline right from the point you open that app. You can also choose to create your own personalized sound profiles so that the frequencies can be tailored for each podcast or song according your own sound print. There is also the option of jumping the pre-made options meant for boosting the bass, removing higher frequencies or the warmer mids.

One of the things that you must note is that these earbuds don’t go extremely loud so if you are hoping to drown out outside world then these earbuds are not meant for you. However the firm design of these earbuds provides good sound isolation and the earbuds are able to hold audio detail well in together and it goes to as loud as it possibly can.

The true wireless design of the Jaybird Vista means that the audio compression is done over the Bluetooth however Jaybird manages to avoid the worst by direct connection to each of the earbuds instead of direct connection to each other. The connection of these headphones to your Smartphone is a very seamless process and you don’t have to worry about establishing the connection. Some of the features such as ambient sound or advanced noise cancellation is missing from this owing to its design.

Pros and cons

Some of the salient advantages of this Jaybird Vista model includes compact design and charging case, premium sound, instant connection and IPX7 rated water resistance. As far as cons are concerned there is no feature of ambient sound and no monitoring for heart rate. Besides the battery life is also relatively limited.

So in summary the Jaybird Vista is an amazing product in its price point and these wireless headphones provide good value for money to the customers.

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