Jaybird X3 Review

Jaybird X3 review

Love traditional ear buds that slip into your ears and don’t go over your head and make you feel uncomfortable? Then this Jaybird X3 is an amazing ear bud that you can get. These ear buds are wireless and they are convenient for you to wear irrespective if you plan on going to the gym or for a run. The reason we decided to write the Jaybird X3 review is we wanted people to know just how amazing these ear buds are.

If you love going out on a run and find it difficult to wear wireless ear buds that don’t have a band to support it, this is a great pair to get your hands on. These ear buds come with a wire connecting them together and this makes it easy to ensure that the ear buds are not going to slip off while you are in the middle of a run or while exercising.


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Great Fit

These ear buds are budget friendly, durable and really comfortable to wear which is why they make the perfect companion during your workout sessions. If you are ready to use these ear buds with just one device then we would suggest purchasing them so that you can work out without the ear buds slipping off.

The ear buds are great for people who like to stay fit and spend a lot of time exercising or doing heavy-duty workouts. Since it comes with a band, you won’t have to worry about the ear buds falling off while you are exercising and this makes it comfortable to use.


When you are not worried about your ear buds slipping off, you manage to exercise that much better and the results will show at the end of the month. Although many people choose to wear ear buds while exercising, they tend to fall off because of lack of grip. This makes it difficult to focus on the workout session.

From the day you make the switch to these Jaybird X3 ear buds, you will realize that exercising has gotten a lot easier. These ear buds don’t burn a hole in your pocket and is a great investment given the fact that they also last long.


These ear buds come with a cute belt at the back that ensures they don’t come off when you wear them. This is one of the reasons why they make the perfect workout ear buds. It also comes with three foam tips that make it easy for you to decide which size will be perfect to place on your ear buds, making it comfortable for different people.

The cable also has shortening and extending clips so in case you find the ear bud too tight or too loose, you can always adjust the cable accordingly. It comes with multiple features and customizations that can help you adjust your settings.

We recommend spending a few hours with these ear buds and figuring out what you are most comfortable with. We also do not recommend sharing these ear buds with other people because every person is different and they would want to wear it a different way.


People usually take a while to customize it when they first purchase these ear buds. However, once they do, they don’t have to look back at the customization and don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable while on the run. If there is one thing we recommend when you purchase the Jaybird X3 is to keep these ear buds personal and not share it with anybody.

Ease Of Use

These ear buds are designed for people who exercise and workout because they are sweat proof. It is worth mentioning that they are extremely lightweight and this makes it very convenient for you to wear them without feeling any sort of discomfort.

The ear buds come with a band that connects them together and we recommend getting them. Irrespective of what vigorous exercise you do, you won’t have to worry about them going bad. It also comes with a voice activated feature that lets you know the battery percentage of the ear buds as well as when you need to charge it.

These ear buds itself do not have any buttons on it. There is a small remote control that comes with the ear buds that you need to use in order to control it. It is compact enough to fit into your pocket or your hand and it has all the buttons that you need in order to control the ear buds easily.

Another thing you will learn from this Jaybird X3 review is that these ear buds are not the best in terms of performance, especially if you want to connect them to multiple devices. If you use it only on only one device you won’t have a problem with it but if you plan on switching from one device to another then you are going to face a lot of issues with Bluetooth connectivity.


The Jaybird X3 comes with an amazing app that enables you to preset the EQ and customize your music based on your preferences. You can now get the kind of sound you want to listen to based on the frequencies you enjoy.

The signature sound profile app that comes with the ear buds is detailed and allows you to try new things you never imagined with a pair of ear buds. Let us warn you that it is not easy to change the settings and if you have no prior experience, we would advise against it. However, if you know how to customize the EQ settings, you will manage to listen to supreme quality audio with no flaws.

The sound quality, even with the default settings, is quite good and there is no denying that these ear buds are versatile and are the best in its class. Whether it’s listening to music, watching a movie or even working out, these ear buds will deliver the best music quality.


  • Perfect workout ear buds
  • Budget friendly
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable
  • Sweat proof


  • Difficulty in connecting to Bluetooth
  • Difficulty in charging


If you are looking for ear buds that are sporty, comfortable to wear and are perfectly designed for the fit mind then this Jaybird X3 review would have been interesting for you. The ear buds are sweat resistant, easy to use and this makes it one of the most amazing ear buds for someone who spends a lot of time exercising.

The comfort level when it comes to exercising is optimum which is why we recommend getting your hands on these. The sound quality is not great however it is decent enough for someone who wants to go on a run or spend time at the gym. You will manage to isolate a fair amount of sound and this is just perfect in case you need to listen to what someone is saying while you are exercising.


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