JLab Jbuds Air Review

JLab Jbuds Air Review

The technology is constantly evolving with different gadgets and customizable machines flooding the market on a consistent basis. The wireless earbuds are an example of evolving technology and these days most of the flagship phones come with wireless earbuds to complement the high end devices. The development of earbuds means you now have added features and more depth to the sound in comparison to the traditional as well as earlier earphones.

There are various manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, JLab amongst other that produce high quality and top class ear buds for the sound enthusiasts out there. There is a wide range of earbud products available in the market. Before you purchase it is important that you do your own research in terms of manufacturer, quality, warranty and pricing. Lets review the JLab JBuds Air so that you get a fair idea of what to expect from this specific earbud.

What should you know about JLab JBuds Air?

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The JLab is one of the manufacturers that paved the way for a relatively inexpensive and affordable earbuds product in the market. The launch of JLabs JBuds Air is a testimony to its affordable wireless earphone model range. These wireless earbuds have a IP55 rating and it has a comprehensive range of controls on its board. This product also includes charging case as well as USB charging cable which integrated in this product.

There are many consumers out there who are apprehensive in buying the wireless pods due to their extravagantly high prices and the fear of unreliable sound quality. However the JLab JBuds Air is a good choice at a considerably lower price as it has decent quality of sound which provides you good value for your money.

Some of the accessories that you get when you purchase this product includes a couple of pairs of the proprietary Cush-Fins, multiple pairs of the ear-tips, integrated USB cable and the charging case along with the primary product which is wireless earbuds. The packaging is pretty simple and it displays the advanced controls for the earbuds which can be referred to if you are not familiar with the functioning of the product.

EQ options and playback control


You get all the basic playback controls that come with earphones however some of the advanced operations of control that you get with this product sophisticated volume adjustment and accessing the virtual assistant (Google, Siri etc.) by double tapping of right earbud. When you click either of the earbud panel thrice it enables the cycling of 3 EQ presets which is balanced, signature and the bass boost. Additionally there is also an option of downloading the app provided by JLab which can perform all the operations mentioned above.

The JLab JBuds Air are dust as well as water resistant and they have received the IP55 rating for the same. The build quality of the earbuds is such that fit well into your ears and the Cush-Fins that come along with the product ensures that earbuds are not removed unintentionally from your ears. These earbuds are excellent for use when working out or running outside. The JLab JBuds Air are able to isolate the noise efficiently and thus it is advisable that you should choose to run on sidewalks or the designated path for safety reasons.

Battery and connection


The battery life is an important consideration when it comes to wireless earbuds. The battery life that you get with JLab JBuds Air is not the best in the market however it can be considered alright in this price point. When the earbuds are subjected to a consistent output of 67Db (SPL), the measuring parameters returned playback time of 3.07 hours. While this is nothing extra-ordinary however it can be considered as adequate for most of the workouts and commutes.

Also you don’t have to worry about exhausting the juice as the charging case of 500mAH helps in extending the battery life by 10 hours.

When it comes to connection strength a 10 meter range is the distance up to which you can go where you can expect decent connection. You don’t get aptX support with JLab JBuds Air however that drawback if offset by its affordable pricing of sub $50. This product comes with AAC support which helps in reducing any of the potential audio-visual lag that you might experience however this benefit can be availed by the iPhone users only.

The auto on and off as well as connect feature helps you in automatic connection as well as disconnection every time earbuds are taken off charging case. This help in a pleasant experience of listening which is interrupted occasionally through intermittent stutters of connectivity.

Sound quality


You get decent sound quality with the JLab JBuds Air however nothing quite extra-ordinary as you get from the high end range. The low end frequencies receive ample emphasis which is amazing for your routine however the frequency perception for the midrange suffers and there are issues with clarity for higher range.

This product is great for working out in the gyms or the trails however beyond that if you are looking for an all-rounder performer then there are potential alternatives that you must consider.

When you are switching from the signature or balanced to the bass boost with JLab JBuds Air, it makes considerable difference. However you don’t notice much difference when you alternate between balanced and signature at the time of passive listening.


  • There are various good stuff and positive about this model. The JLab JBuds Air comes with an IP55 rating which is excellent for durability. It has auto connect features which is amazing at this price range. The build of this earbuds is such that it fits in nicely within your ears. The considerably low price provides good value for money and this model helps in minimizing the sound of the air.


  • The JLab JBuds Air is bulky and you feel slight discomfort after an hour into the usage. This product is limited to the SBC and AAC only. The receiving of calls is limited via right earbud only.


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