Mifo O5 Review

Mifo 05 is one of the most popular wireless ear buds that you can invest in. If you are looking for ear buds that last extremely long and come with audiophile quality then you need to continue reading this Mifo O5 review.

The first time we tried these ear buds, we were very impressed with the way it looked and felt. The steel finish of these ear buds make it look really classy and although they come at a budget friendly price, they manage to deliver superior quality music and comfort. They also look like high end ear buds.

The reason these ear buds are so great is because they come with a hundred hour battery life which is difficult to find with wireless ear buds. In case you are wondering whether or not you should purchase them then you should get them only because of how comfortable they are and the fact that the battery lasts so long.


First time we tried the Mifo O5 ear buds, we were impressed because of the fact that these ear buds come under the audiophile category and still managed to be budget-friendly. They are lightweight and while they look like they have a steel body, they actually feel comfortable on the ears and this makes it easy for you to wear for a really long time.

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The reason we enjoyed these ear buds is because they are wireless and have the best battery life in the market. If you are one of those people that travel a lot and have little time in hand then using these ear buds will make it really convenient for you. This is because you won’t have to worry about having to charge the ear buds over and over again.

With these ear buds, you can play music continuously for 7 hours. As we write this Mifo O5 review, we have been listening to music for the past three hours and the ear buds still rock. The ear buds come with a cute carrying and charging case which is tiny enough to slip into your pocket. It also comes with a USB cable that you can connect in order to charge the ear buds.

Along with the above, you also get different sized ear tips with the ear buds and this makes it easy for you to choose whichever tips are comfortable for you. This will ensure you do not feel too tired wearing them and the ear buds don’t slip off.


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One of the best things about these ear buds is they are wireless and they are a great companion to have with you considering its battery life. The reason we particularly enjoy using these ear buds is the comfort of a long battery life.

Although you can just connect the charger to the USB in the case itself, some people never manage to find time to do it and often realize that they have forgotten to charge the ear buds. With a standby time of over 100 hours, it makes it convenient for you to manage to charge the ear buds whenever you have spare time and still not miss out on listening to amazing music.

Another thing we absolutely enjoy about the ear buds is the fact that they are so tiny that you can’t even notice them. If your hair is long enough, you’ll actually manage to cover your ear buds without anyone realizing they are even there. Although they are so tiny they are packed with features and it even comes with a microphone that enables you to answer calls and talk to people without having to worry about pulling out your phone.

The ear buds come with the latest Bluetooth 5 technology which is great considering its price. Although they are small, it is easy to slip them into your ears and ensure they won’t fall off which means that if you are looking for ear buds to use at the gym or when you go out for a run this might just be the perfect pair.

With these ear buds, you won’t have to stress too much about them going bad.

Sound Quality


Although these ear buds haven’t ventured into the active noise cancellation territory yet, it does have a pretty impressive noise isolation feature that can almost eliminate low frequency noises. When it comes to the audio, it has a strong bass and the notes are accurate and clean.

There’s an amazing balance of the various frequencies, enabling you to enjoy different genres of music without any errors. The vocals and the instruments are crystal clear with these ear buds and this helps you to experience music a whole different way.
The tiny ear buds are also a great companion for your movie watching experience and also make good partners when you want to have a conversation with your loved ones. The sound clarity on these ear buds is pristine and even if there are network issues, it won’t interfere with the quality of your call. This helps you in having better conversations.

The ear buds are also great for audio books or meditation, making them an all round pair of ear buds that are great to own. If you are looking for amazing sound quality and an amazing noise isolation feature without breaking the bank then these are great ear buds to invest in. Also, if you’re looking for something that is budget-friendly and really comfortable to wear and comes with an extended battery life then this is definitely the one you want to get your hands on. All in all, we don’t have too much to complain about in terms of the sound of these ear buds.


  • High quality battery life
  • Beautiful steel body finish
  • Smart carry case with charging
  • Budget audiophile device


  • Not that great in comparison to other audiophile ear buds



These ultra light easy-to-use comfortable ear buds are a great purchase in case you are looking for something that’s easy to use and light on the pocket as well. Although these ear buds come at a budget friendly price, they are really strong and this means you won’t have to worry about them giving way anytime soon.

As we have mentioned in this Mifo O5 review, they also look really nice and because of the cute steel finish you don’t have to worry about them looking tacky or cheap. While they come in at a really affordable price, they look like expensive ear buds and since they are so tiny and sleek, they scream class and elegance all the way.


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