Monster Gratitude Review

Monster Gratitude Review

In a world without Beats by Dre , Monster is really having to search and explore to find new ventures with other famous, product-moving names. Thankfully for us, they haven’t yet had a problem doing so. We’ve seen any number of celebrity-endorsed releases emerging from the former Hi-Fi cable manufacturer, but none had us quite as excited as the Monster Earth, Wind and Fire Gratitude in-ear headphones. We’ve been huge fans of the band for a while, and though the latest tour left us wanting, we still had high expectations for the in-ear headphones. To find out whether or not they disappointed, head on down below for our headphone review.

Design and Comfort


The first thing we noticed about the Gratitude in-ear headphones is their subdued yet chic design. Monster hasn’t been known for keeping the barres held on its designs, and though the Gratitude line can hardly be called blasé, we dug the somewhat subtler approach to bling. Sure, the excessive gold on the ear caps is a bit much, but all in all, we dug the accented and angled design of the buds.

The tips felt comfortable in-ear, but if you’re worried about fit, Monster has included a number of customized earbud tips. Overall, we had no trouble establishing a seal with the headphones, and were pleasantly surprised by a decent amount of noise-isolation. It’s not enough to block out some of the louder moments in our commute, but it’s certainly an added bonus.

Sound Quality and Performance


As a model by Monster, we expected a ton of bass out of the Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude. We weren’t exactly disappointed, but what surprised us is what truly makes the headphones an incredible bargain. You see, the bass is just as boomy as we’d expect from a model by the manufacturer, but the clarity offered here is unbelievably more advanced than we’ve previously seen out of Monster.

The bass tended not to overpower the rest of the mix—a pleasant change for once—leaving more room for the crisp highs and buttery mids. Not only that, but this attention to detail lasted through every genre we tried. Strings sounded crisp, while the vocal timbers of a pop singer’s voice came through like lightning. All in all, for a pair of headphones we hardly expected to be blown away by, the Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude came as a satisfactory slap in the face.

Overall Value

We’re somewhat hesitant to say it, but the Earth Wind and Fire Gratitude may just be the best in-ears we’ve ever heard from Monster. That being said, the around $200 asking price is certainly high for a pair of in-ears. But if you’re willing to fork over two bills and a bit for a pair of in-ears by the company, you’ll actually be getting your money’s worth: A phrase we don’t often get to say where the Hi-Fi cable maker is concerned. All in all, the Gratitude headphones come recommended.

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