Monster Turbine Review – Sleek Design, Stellar Sound

Monster Turbine Review

In terms of quality, in-ear headphones tend to run the gambit: We’ve seen everything from rock-solid performances to sound performance that makes us never want to hear another note again. However, considering Monster has dubbed its latest entry into the Beats by Dr. Dre series “in-ear speakers,” we’re betting they think the buds can rip our musical brains out. And, to be fair, Monster isn’t far off.

The Monster Turbine Beats by Dre In-Ear Speakers really are a set of incredible devices, and at a decent price, too (just be sure you are getting the real deal and not counterfeit Monster products). For our full thoughts on this jet-esque in-ear headphones, check just below the break!

Design and Construction Rating


We don’t want to dwell on it, because as we all know packaging doesn’t affect an headphone’s sound, but the box our Turbines arrived in has got to be one of the sleekest designs we’ve ever seen. In terms of production quality, the same level of forethought is echoed in the headphones themselves. These little beauties are made out of a solid chunk of metal, and weight in at a considerable amount more than most in-ear buds. They also look a bit like jet engines—but don’t worry, they don’t stick out too far to be uncouth.

The sturdy feel and hardy looks are complimented by a comprehensive array of five ear-canal tips, one of which we guarantee will fit your ear. We did have a bit of trouble finding the pair that fit our noggin, but once accomplished, we had little to no issues fitting the things to our head with a tight seal. All in all, the Turbines set a new bar for production quality in the realm of in-ear buds. They’re a solid piece of work, and though not quite as chic as the Heartbeats or Diddybeats, certainly gorgeous, nonetheless.

Sound Quality and Performance Rating


We don’t know if we’re ready to grant Monster’s new buds the title of “in-ear speaker,” but we have to admit, the Turbines did out-perform our expectations. They came with a nice, fat low-end, as expected for the brand, but warm mids and punchy highs, as well. The buds are somehow softer than most Beats, delivering a more nuanced performance. Overall, we were most impressed by the series’ consistency: We achieved the same high-quality sound at almost every volume, and with almost every genre. They don’t have quite the bass presence we’d like, but overall, the Turbine is a much smoother musical experience than the punchy mayhem we’re used to with the Beats by Dre lineup.

Overall Value

Considering a pair of these Turbines will run you approximately $95 street, we can hardly fault their value. The headphones come with an incredibly rich and comprehensive tonal performance, and with stylishly low-key looks to boot. All in all, the Turbine may just be our new favorite in-ear.

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