Razer Kraken X Review

Razer Kraken X review

If you spend a lot of time playing computer games then owning a good pair of gaming headphones is something you should consider. If there is one thing that gamers constantly complaining about is their headphones going bad. While there are some expensive headphones available in the market this Razer Kraken X review will interest you if you are an avid gamer.

One of the best things about these headphones is that they are budget friendly and even if you end up breaking the headphones in a fit of rage in the middle of a game, you won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Jokes aside, although the headphones comes at a low price, it manages to do justice in terms of gaming and also for music listening.

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If you spend a lot of time on your computer playing games, you will tend wear the headphones for prolonged periods. This is one of the reasons probably headphones go bad. However, this model is built to withstand prolonged usage and will not give way anytime soon.


If you have a limited budget to spare, then we recommend getting your hands on these headphones because they come in at an extremely affordable price thereby making it one of the best purchases you will make. Although the headphones are not the best in terms of music, they definitely manage to make it to the list of the best budget friendly gaming headphones you will find.



Compared to most of the headphones in this price range out there, the design for the Razer Kraken X is quite decent. We wouldn’t say that these are the best looking headphones you’ll find but since you are not really going to move out of your home wearing them, it doesn’t matter how they look. The fact is they are really comfortable which is exactly what you need when you want to spend hours playing your favorite games.

The headphones don’t look silly in anyway, however their build is a little funny and since it comes in a plastic black body, it doesn’t look that elegant. However, these headphones definitely fit the bill when it comes to a no-nonsense gaming headphone that performs beyond expectations. It also comes with a mute microphone button on the headphone itself that makes it easy for you to eliminate any necessary comments you may utter when you are playing the game.

The microphone is one thing that we found inconvenient because it comes out into your face making it difficult for you to look at the screen. However, if you are fine with the microphone being tucked behind and using it only when needed then these headphones will work really well.

If you play multiplayer games and the microphone is placed at the back, you may have to scream loudly for the other person to hear you. Some headphones come with a removable microphone feature however this one doesn’t have it but as we mentioned, it is flexible so you can move it any way you want.

It has a 3 mm audio cable that is easy to connect to your gaming computer. The cable wire is about four feet in length so you can manage to move around rather than sit very close to the desktop.



As mentioned in this review above, the one thing that gamers look forward to when purchasing gaming headphone is the comfort. There is no denying that the Razer Kraken X is one of the most comfortable headphones Razer has designed.

These headphones come with a comfortable headband that is padded with leather and ear cups that also come with good cushioning thereby making it easy for you to wear them. Keeping in mind that most gamers wear spectacles during game play, these headphones are perfectly designed to make it convenient for people wearing spectacles since you can easily place the headphone over the spectacles without any sort of discomfort.

We wore these headphones for long hours and still didn’t feel any discomfort or stiffness after we took them off. These headphones are also quite light which makes it easy for you to move around without feeling any weight on your head. When you are absorbed into your game you will forget that you are wearing a pair of headphones because they are that light.

Another thing we must confess is that the headband makes it difficult to wear beyond a certain period because they are either too tight or very difficult to balance on the head.


These headphones are specifically designed for gamers and the sound quality is full of explosion and is impactful just like all other gaming headphones. Unlike music lovers, gamers love something that is loud and dramatic but clear at the same time.
While they want to hear the explosion go off in all of its glory, they still love to listen to the faintest of footsteps and all of these are usually in different frequencies. These headphones manage to deliver these different frequencies with great precision.

Although the headphones are primarily for gaming, people who enjoy listening to loud music will definitely enjoy using these headphones. Since the frequency range is so vast you will manage to pay attention to every little detail right from the sound to the vocals and the instruments. This makes these headphones a great music listening headphone too.

Since they are gaming headphones the treble level is a little sharp since they need to be that way for the dramatic effect. If we look at them from a gaming point of view, which is why these headphones were designed in the first place, they have superior quality sound. However, if you are purchasing them only for listening to music, we wouldn’t recommend buying them.

On the positive side, they do make for amazing movie watching headphones since the sound clarity and the frequency for gaming and movies is quite similar.


  • Comfortable headphone
  • Perfect for gaming
  • Sleek design
  • Budget friendly
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Lightweight


  • The microphone is very bulky
  • Music performance is average
  • Surround sound feature is not really good


When we talk about good quality music performance, these headphones are not at the top of the list but if you’re looking for something that is designed for gaming we don’t see why you shouldn’t purchase these headphones.

The Razer Kraken X comes at the price of any average gaming headphone and manages to do justice to your game as any other headphone would. If you read the Razer Kraken X review correctly, you will also know that these headphones are designed to be durable and long lasting. Since they are comfortable and lightweight, you will manage to wear them for long hours which is exactly what any gamer looks for.

If you are ready to forgive the microphone this is something that will help enhance your gaming experience since it does not lag and because they are over the ear headphones, you will not have to worry about charging it either.


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