Samson SR850 Review

samson sr850 review3

The minute you plan on getting your hands on a good quality audiophile device you think about spending a lot of money. It’s very rare to find a good quality audiophile headphone that will actually fit the bill to perfection with regards to sound, clarity and pricing. This is the reason this Samson SR85 review can be pretty useful for you..

This Samson SR850 is a good pick as far as affordable audiophile headphones go. These budget friendly headphones come in at a low price but they are so much better in terms of its features and functionality that it is a impressive audiophile headphone you can get your hands on.

samson sr850 review


The first time we heard about the Samson sr850 headphones, we weren’t too sure whether we should review them or not since the brand seemed unreliable at first. When we decided to check it out we realized that these headphones are one of the best out there and ever since we’ve used it we can confirm that not only is the music quality great but it is also at par with the most expensive audiophile headphones you will find.

When we heard about these Samson headphones, we were a little surprised because it came in at a price that was shocking for an audiophile device. Many people had various things to say about it and with mixed reviews we still decided to give it a try and reviewed these headphones. We have to admit that it was by for one of the best headphones we ended up reviewing because not only did we experience good quality budget audiophile headphones but also something that is durable and long lasting.



In terms of its looks, this device manages to look really classy and a lot better than most of the expensive audiophile devices that you find. While we would complain that the Samson headphones are made completely of plastic the reason we don’t is because it makes the headphone lightweight and that’s what we enjoyed about them.

It has faux leather for its padding along with rubber to make it extra soft. We assume they have added rubber as a cost cutting measure but the reason it isn’t appealing because it tends to make one feel very sweaty when you wear it for a long time.



The cable is quite long and you manage to listen to good music but if you want something a little more detailed then I would recommend replacing the cable for something better. Although the headphone does have its flaws in terms of the rubber being added, it does not compromise on the look. This is one of the main reasons the Samson sr850 headphones are worth investing in.

These Samson SR850 headphones come in a decent package that does not come across to be cheap in anyway. It also comes with a number of accessories that make it a good deal considering it is a budget friendly headphone. With the headphones, you get an adaptor which enables you to charge the device whenever you need.

The one thing that we find should have been included with the headphone accessories would be a nice travel bag or a carry case. While we have no complaints since we tend to purchase one with every headphone we review and we would suggest you do the same to increase the shelf life of the headphones.




When purchasing these headphones, keep in mind that they are budget friendly so don’t expect high quality sound from them. That being said, the bass quality of these headphones is quite decent and they deliver accurate sound which is not punchy as other headphones. The lows and highs, however, are well balanced and these are pretty decent headphones for practical use.

While you cannot expect them to have a noise cancellation feature since they are open back, the sound is something you will enjoy indoors. If we talk about budget friendly headphones that have decent sound quality this is one of those headphones you should consider investing in.


Apart from listening to music, you can also use this pair to watch movies since they deliver crisp and clear audio. They also make a good gaming pair of headphones. The bass is impressive and detailed and the fact that these are open back headphones actually helps to make the music alive.

If you are looking for soundstage quality, then these are the headphones you should consider investing in. For the price that it comes at, they manage to deliver good output but we have reviewed headphones that are audiophile headphones at a similar price range with better features.


  • Budget friendly audiophile headphone
  • Superior design
  • Very comfortable
  • Supreme sound quality
  • Ideal for movies and gaming as well


  • Subpar noise isolation
  • Open back design
  • Cheap looking body



There are a number of people who look to invest in budget friendly audiophile headphones. It took us a long time to search for these headphones because we had various requirements including the fact that the headphone should not be completely sealed.
If open ear budget friendly headphones with good quality music is what you are looking for then the Samson headphones manage to do you complete justice. This Samson SR850 review would have also told you that there are a number of flaws and we are not denying it however investing in these headphones would not be a complete waste of money.

Although they are considered open back headphones the one thing we didn’t realize is that the rubber finish of these headphones would actually make one sweat even more. While they look really great and deliver supreme quality music they come with a number of flaws, considering the budget cut the brand took in order to create these headphones.

The one thing we would do is not recommend taking these headphones outdoors for two main reasons. Firstly, the noise isolation is not that great and this means that you would end up struggling with the outdoor noise instead of managing to enjoy good quality music.

Secondly, they are open ear headphones so you will not be the only one listening to whatever it is you are listening to. While this may seem fine when you are just listening to music, it tends to get a little tense when you have to take a call especially if it is from your boss.

That being said, they are great to use indoors and will also last a long time. It is a decent beginner level audiophile headphone.


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