Sennheiser HD 600 Review – Open Ear Design at Its Finest

Sennheiser HD 600 review

If you’re looking for a gold standard to compare all Sennheiser headphones to, there’s really no better option than the Sennheiser HD 650. The model offers an incredible listening experience, unbeatable design, and a world-class comfort fit. However, they also come saddled with a $500 price-tag. If you’re looking for something slightly cheaper, the Sennheiser HD 600 headphone series offers a similar feel but with a much lower cost of entry.

There are definitely corners that have been cut, but no matter how you slice it, the cans are still an incredible pair of headphones. For our full headphone review on this middle-ground pair of headphones, check below!

Design and Comfort

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As stated, the HD 600 headphones are essentially a cheaper edition of the much pricer, but classier, HD 650. One way in which this is accomplished is through the swapping of metal and leather for plastic and plush in the HD 600. The end result is an headphone that’s certainly cheaper, but feels it, too. That being said, the comfort factor is well-received, as the plush is ample and fit our noggin perfectly.

Likewise, we loved the open-ear feel of the headphones, which theoretically allows sound waves to move more naturally, unimpeded by such nasty objects as a closed backing. Otherwise, the headphones are solid, though we do have our concerns about their ability to endure through a heap of morning commutes.

Sound Quality and Performance


First out of the chute, the HD 600 headphones are simply not as powerful as some of the other headphones we tend to recommend. If you plan to listen to these puppies while on the subway, there’s no ambient noise reduction, and the volume you’re likely to get out of them will leave a fair amount of distraction in the mix. That being said, the open ear design does create a wider feel that perfectly compliments live music.

Likewise, the headphones reached way into the deeps, dragging out some pretty incredible bass, as well as some solid highs. The mids were decent, as well, though overall, they lacked the punch we tend to like in other brands of headphone. Much was the motif for the rest of our time with the HD 600, in fact.

We blame the open ear design, but no matter how you cut it, the HD 600 headphones simply didn’t have the same clarity or drive that appears with a closed back.

Overall Value

All of that being said, the HD 600s will only cost you about $300, making them a much better steal than the pricier 650s. Still, we have a hard time recommending a pair of headphones that is equivalent to the price of so many, in our minds superior, competitors.

If you’re set on the 600 series, they’re an excellently priced option to consider.

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