Sennheiser HD555 Review – Professional Headphones with Sound Channeling

Sennheiser HD555 review

If you are an avid movie fan, it’s time to pay attention. The Sennheiser HD555 headphones are equivalent to your home theater system, only now you get that great sound in a pair of headphones. For DVD-Video movie enthusiasts it will be heaven on earth. For general music lovers not so much, but still they are just about the best headphones you can get in the $150 range.

I know I am a great fan of the classic over-ear headband cans but I’m not being biased here, let’s take a look!

Home Theater Performance


If you want to enjoy the thrill of DVD movies in privacy then you will look no further than the Sennheiser HD555 Headphones. These headphones feature speaker-like sound that brings out the best in movie effects. While watching a movie, you do not need to feel the sound right inside your head, an effect that the headphones lauded as best headphones for music go to lengths to deliver. You need a more ‘spacious’ or ‘wide open’ sound performance approach quite similar to the multi-leveled sound you experience from a surround hi-fi or a Dolby Home Theater system. This is exactly what the Sennheiser HD555 delivers.

The open-backed construction of the ear cups might not sit well with some listeners, but it has its merits. It serves to propagate this ‘wide open’ effect that works so well for movies. A rather small price to pay.

This feature is also nice for certain kinds of music and for certain kinds of music listeners. For classical music in particular, it delivers stellar performance – bass is not exaggerated, the orchestra comes in from the left and right and the solo instrument meets you in the very middle of your head. For other genres like hip-hop and funk, a headphone amp would help enhance the sound especially if you are using a low power player like the Jens of Sweden MP-110 or a low end Philips GoGear. iPod users are a privileged lot though, as the player’s capabilities enable the HD555 to deliver a rich sound with good bass and pinpoint higher frequencies.

Nifty and Comfortable


It cannot be over-emphasized how important it is for a pair of headphones to be comfortable. A pair of headphones may be able to deliver stunning sound quality but if you feel like you need pain relief after two hours of music then be certain those are not the best headphones for you.

Though at times how comfortably a set fits a person depends on the attributes of the ears and the level of tolerance (endurance if you will), every pair of headphones must be able to deliver a standard level of ergonomics.

You can listen to music for hours with the Sennheiser HD555 headphones. The pressure on your ear lobes is minimal.

Long Sturdy Cable

Picture the situation where you want to see a movie late at night and everyone else is asleep. Most DVD Home Theater systems have a poor means of volume leveling and if anything, it would compromise the ability to deliver the effects. You will therefore find that turning the volume down will spare the sleeping during a high-power sound effect but when it is over you can’t hear what the actors are saying. That is unless you to turn it up again. It can be a really nagging experience.

With over 10 feet of cable, you can easily plug the Sennheiser HD555’s jack into the back of your DVD player and settle down on the couch for a private movie experience. It is a stand-out example of how big, or rather long is good. They will also work splendidly if you want to do DJ’ing but with the audio set far away. The long cable is reasonably hardy too. It is not the kind you’d expect to break from some tugging or pulling or any slightly overzealous treatment.

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