Sennheiser HD820 Review

Sennheiser HD820 review

Sennheiser is a trusted brand when it comes to headphones. If you are looking for something that is high in quality and comes with a closed back then you should read this Sennheiser HD820 review.

We have to admit that we did spend quite a lot so that we could review these headphones. However, we aren’t complaining because they come loaded with some amazing features. The headphones can cost you more than an actual laptop but once you get your hands on these, you wouldn’t complain.


You will manage to listen to music like never before and there is absolutely no comparison in terms of sound quality. We believe that this model is going to last a long time. We know people that have used them for almost two years now and can confidently say that the quality of these headphones is not something that can be compromised easily.

One of the highlights of this headphone is the addition of the gorilla glass which enhances sound quality greatly. While most ear cups tend to absorb some of the noise, the addition of glass prevents the absorption. This gives you striking, crystal clear audio.


If there was a leader to be named in the world of headphones then this model that would claim that title. The reason these headphones have gained so much popularity is because they manage to block noise in ways that even the best noise cancellation headphones can’t.

The reason the performance of these headphones is great is because of the closed back design which helps deliver supreme quality sound including noise cancellation, without compromising on the output. We need to warn you that if you are looking for something that is in a mid price range or can be termed as budget friendly headphones then these are not the kind of headphones you should consider purchasing.


They can be heavy for your wallet and you may want to avoid them if you are on a budget. One of the problems with most headphones is that they end up causing sonic damage when the sound travels to the ears however this headphone does not allow that because of its closed back feature.

If you ever imagined what music ecstasy felt like then that is exactly how it feels to wear these headphones. While many brands have tried to master the art of delivering music supremacy, Sennheiser has actually managed to master the feature through the Sennheiser HD820 headphones.

Comfort And Built


One of the best things about these headphones has to be the ear cups. It is designed in the most elegant manner and in a way that it ensures the music that comes into your ears and is not compromised even by a single percent. These headphones are a closed pair that comes with a gorilla glass covering the ear cups making it look as classy as it feels.

These headphones come with a sturdy body that is designed to last for many years. As we mentioned earlier in this review, we know people who have used this headphone for the past two years and they are just as good as new.

Even though there are parts of the headphone that are made from plastic, metal and microfiber, every little detail that is used in the design of this headphone is durable and you won’t find any cheap bits and pieces that could break anytime soon.

The headphones are large not only in terms of the size but also in terms of its weight. They weigh approximately 360 grams which is heavier than the other models available. However, it does not feel very heavy because of the way it is designed. The weight of this headphone is equally distributed.



While the design can be amazing and beautiful to look at, it all boils down to the sound quality. This is why people tend to pay big bucks for this mean machine. There is an equal balance of music that flows between both headphones giving you clear audio every time you turn them on.

If we had to judge headphones based on its sound quality then we would prefer a closed back headphone in comparison to one that comes with an open back. This is because the sound escapes from an open back headphone. These closed back headphones are not just your average headphones but they come with features that pack a punch.

The soundstage is the most impressive characteristic of this headphone. They deliver well-balanced audio which is crisp and well defined. They are known to have a good sonic signature which is known to be a common occurrence with Sennheiser.

If you are looking for smooth, full body notes then these headphones will enable you to listen to music for a long time without any complaints. Even if you have a bad quality recording, you will still be able to listen to it very clearly and in great detail with these headphones. While you may not be able to enjoy poor quality audio, you will still manage to listen to it precisely.

The headphone has a wide range of frequency and you will be able to go through a multitude of instrumental and vocal music without any problems. They are detailed quite well and the sound quality is quite decent.

The unique stand out feature on these headphones is the Gorilla Glass that does not absorb any sound but rather send it back into your ears for a crisp and clear listening experience.


  • Detailed full body sound
  • Strong sturdy body
  • Powerful for bass music
  • Designed with precision


  • May be expensive for a few people



If you want to own the best closed back headphones and you have a flexible budget then you have to purchase these Sennheiser headphones. Apart from the fact that they are a pleasure to look at, they will fulfill all your music dreams when it comes to enjoying your favorite tracks like you always imagined.

Concluding this Sennheiser HD820 review, we would like to add that these headphones do not need to be taken care of like a small baby because they are built to be durable and rugged. One pair can last you many years and you won’t have to worry about replacing them at all.

Sennheiser has spent quite a lot of time in perfectly engineering and designing these headphones. They are highly recommended because not only are they the perfect source of audio but they also look classy.

We have to say that if you are ready to spend a large amount on a good quality headphone it must be the Sennheiser HD820 because it has no flaws in terms of its sound, build and comfort and this isn’t easy to find. This is a complete package and is a music lovers paradise.

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