Sennheiser IE80 Review – Almost Perfection in a Box

Sennheiser IE80 Review

When it comes to our headphones, we’re a bit picky. We have high standards, and if a pair of in-ear buds doesn’t bring the pain where sound quality is concerned, we’re likely to lose interest rather quickly. Thankfully, Sennheiser tends to understand our choosy proclivities. The company’s latest flagship in-ear headphones, the Sennheiser IE80 headphones (currently available in the UK for about £200) is a mind-blowing effort, and we can’t applaud the company enough for their efforts.

All in all, we loved the little guys, and if we don’t watch ourselves, the IE80 headphones might just become our go-to pair. For our full thoughts on these top-dollar pair of in-ear headphones, check out our headphone review below!

Design and Comfort

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The minute we pulled the box out of its styrofoam packaging, one thing was abundantly apparent: Somewhere over at Sennheiser, there’s a packaging designer with a genius brain on his shoulders. The box is absolutely gorgeous, offering a sexy look at the headphones when first opened, as well as an entire host of ear canal tips. Additionally, the entire kit also comes with a screwdriver. This puppy allows the buyer to turn a screw in the headphones, adjusting the amount of bass that’s included in the mix.

And if that doesn’t sound cool to you, we’re wondering what rock you’ve been living under. We love the option to optimize the low-end for specific genres, and though it’s a bit of a pain to finagle the thing into place with each listen, it really pays off in the sound quality department. And on that note read the part below!

Sound Quality and Performance


First off the bat, don’t be surprised if your pair of IE80s doesn’t sound . . . well, good at first. In our test, we found the headphones took about three to four hours of play before they finally burned in. But once they did, holy woah. The low-end is incredible, offering a level of clarity we simply haven’t heard with many other in-ears—or any other in-ears, for that matter. And as it can be adjusted to specific points, we had no problem dialing in the perfect sound for each and every genre.

Likewise, the highs were exceptionally crisp, while the middle offered a quality and detail we haven’t found anywhere else, except maybe in the priciest of on-ear headphones. All in all, it’s a mind-blowing experience, though the first four hours of burn-in were quite the £200 scare.

Overall Value

So let’s give you the straight skinny. This pair of headphones is incredible, and though they’re easily worth the £200, we’re almost certain you could purchase a cheaper set of in-ears and not quite miss the quality. £200 is a lot to spend on any pair of in-ears, and if you’re on a budget, you might do better elsewhere. But if you’re willing to spend the money, by golly, you won’t be disappointed!

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