Shure SE535 Review – A Gold Standard for In-Ear Buds

Shure SE535 review

Over the last 15 years that they’ve been producing high-quality headphones and earbuds, Shure has managed to reach that one, all-important height that every manufacturer aims for. Their headphones are so bloody good, that they haven’t got a need to release new ones often. In fact, they only really do so when one of their crafty engineers thinks up some new, brilliant addition.

With that in mind, may we present the Shure SE535, a rock-solid gold standard to which all other in-ear headphones should look to. The buds are brilliantly constructed, provide incredible tone, and just about beat the socks of any other competitor we can name. All in all, to peep our full thoughts on this incredible set of listeners, peep our headphone review below.

Design and Comfort

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To be fair to Shure, the SE535 features about the same contour and shape as its original predecessor, the SE530. The Shure 530, in comparison to almost every other member in the Shure headphone lineup, featured a molded ear canal tip that rested inside the outer ear, matching the user’s lobe shape. The same concept is applied to the SE535, only the tip itself has shrunk a bit, as the size of the SE530 was often complained about. That being said, the new tip size is still quite large as far as buds go, and may not be the best fit for all users.

Otherwise, the construction is flawless and discreet. The buds are meant to be worn with the cord wrapped behind the ear, however, which we know irritates some of our readers. With that in mind, be prepared to wait a few hours as the built-in memory wire adjusts to the shape and curve of the back of your ear before casting judgement.

Sound Quality and Audio Performance


As a set, the Shure SE535 features something Shure calls the Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers. In essence, the earbuds come equipped with one dedicated tweet and a dual set of woofers. If that doesn’t sound impressive, we don’t know what planet your are from. Either way, the end result is a truly incredible listening experience. If one can achieve a good seal with the canal tip, the result is an undeniably silent ambient noise cancellation.

Immediately after comes the incredibly tight and responsive bass, the punchy but not overbearing highs, and one of the smoothest mids we have ever heard.

We cannot stress this enough! The SE535 is the earbud to beat, creating a tone and quality we have never heard anywhere else.

Overall Value

That being said, the quality one finds with the SE535 will cost roughly $500. Ordinarily, we’d knock any brand of in-ear as expensive, clocking in at half a grand. But in this case, the earbuds are easily worth that much, if not more. To really listen to your music for the first time with these headphones is a priceless experience, and we simply cannot recommend the SE535s enough.

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