Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0 Review

Sol Republic Amps 2.0 review

It’s been a while since we’ve wandered over to Sol Republic’s sandy shores, and as such, we feel sort of terrible for having left such an incredible company alone for so long. We’ve already taken a look at the Sol Republic Tracks pair of headphones, and now we’re itching for more. As such, we finally got our hands on a pair of the manufacturer’s new Sol Republic Amps Air 2.0 in-ears, a stylish pair of headphones that look just as good as they sound.

We were quite impressed by the outing—especially for the price range—and if you’re looking for an in-depth review of the model, you’ve got it coming right up! Jump on down below the break for our full run headphone review of the Amps Air 2.0 by Sol Republic.

Design and Comfort


Firstly, for a pair of all-black in-ear headphones, we were rather floored by the stylish decor of the Amps. The earcaps look like they’ve been sculpted out of pure, black marble, and the angled design is perfectly augmented by a smooth earcanal tip. And when we say angled, we really do mean it. These headphones have been contoured to better match the shape of the human ear, supposedly producing a more pronounced and lasting seal with most users.

In our experience, this claim was easily validated. We had no problem establishing firm contact with the Amps and our noggin, and even though we did our best to dislodge them, we had one heck of a time doing so. Better yet, the built-in noise-isolation is quite nice, as well. In terms of accessories, the HD edition of the Amps also comes with a travel pouch, while both come with an in-line remote capable of modifying your volume and answering your calls.

Sound Quality and Performance


In our experience, we have yet to mention the headphone’s inline remote as a selling point. However, with the Amps, we feel we might just have to. The headphones performed admirably and instantaneously. We had no problems answering calls, and volume precision was to be applauded. Where audio is concerned, we expected the bass to be somewhat pumped. However, we found this not to be the case with the Amps.

Instead, the bass was left where it aught to be, producing a more balanced overall timber. The mids were butter, and they highs nice and crisp. It’s a somewhat subdued listening experience, but not one we’d dare call bad. In fact, quite the opposite for the listener that craves balance.

Overall Value

The Sol Republic Amps will cost you less than 150$ new, which is a heck of a lot less than we’d be willing to pay for them. The sound quality is out of this world for such a budget pair of in-ears, and the design is spot-on for what our tastes demand. All in all, if you’ve been looking for a quality pair of under $150 in-ears, you can stop searching. These in-ear headphones are easily your best bet.

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