Sony MDR-1AM2 Review

Sony MDR-1AM2 Review

Sony is one of the most popular brands when it comes to choosing good quality headphones. Sony is a popular brand and people tend to appreciate all Sony products, whether it is a smartphone, music system or television. It is a reliable brand that people trust.

There are various Sony headphones available in the market and some of them come with a really high price tag. There are people who are not ready to spend too much money on a good quality headphone which is why we decided to review the Sony MDR-1AM2 for all the skeptical buyers out there.

The best thing about these headphones is they are affordable and manage to deliver decent sound quality. We were looking to review a strong and sturdy body which is exactly what this headphone has to offer. While Sony does have a couple of headphones that fit the mid price range, they come with a lanky built and we weren’t comfortable reviewing them because we knew that would break easily or get spoilt.



There are so many things to love about this headphone. One of the reasons why we recommend these headphones is because they are quite durable. Although they are made of all plastic, they don’t seem too weak and won’t break anytime soon.

The best part about these headphones is that they are good value for money and a great way to expand your horizon into using Sony devices. Many people decide to invest in this headphone as a backup or secondary headphone however end up using them as a primary headphone since it’s so comfortable and long lasting.

Although these don’t exactly qualify as the best audiophile headphones we would recommend them as a great pick since it’s better than any headphone for the price it comes at. Although it has basic features, it’s a cute looking headset that will last you a long time and won’t give you any trouble in terms of its performance.



The one thing that surprises us about these headphones is how lightweight they are. Although Sony has designed them to be a budget friendly headphones they do not in any way look like it is made of low quality.

It is appealing to the eyes and has nothing tacky about it. It has the Sony logo on each of the ear plugs and it doesn’t come in a very fancy design but it’s extremely elegant and classy which enables one to wear it no matter where they are. These headphones are lightweight which make it one of the best features especially if you don’t like something too heavy around your head or neck.

While they are not weak, they are a little delicate so you may have to take proper care of them to ensure that they don’t break. The one thing that this headphone lacks is a carry case which is what we would recommend you to invest in if you want your headphones to last long.

The body of these headphones is made of plastic which makes it extremely light but it is also a little delicate to handle so we would suggest not sharing the headphone with too many people.



These headphones are designed to perform at a frequency between 3 Hz and a 100 kHz and while there are better headphones in the market, this model still manages to deliver a warm and well balanced sound. They do, after all, come from the house of Sony which is known to deliver excellent sound quality.

These headphones manage to balance sound just right between the mid and the high range, delivering rich and detailed notes. Whether it is smooth refined vocals or accurate instrumental acoustics, there’s nothing you will miss when using these headphones.

These headphones can qualify as an entry level audiophile headphone and while certain notes could be a little too sharp for some people, there is no denying that the music flows naturally through these headphones making it a pleasure to listen to.
These headphones can minimize the noise however they do not come with an active noise cancellation feature and this could be a bit of a mood buster considering most people look for an active noise cancellation feature in their headphones. Overall, the bass response is decent enough but we would not recommend this headphone for bass lovers or somebody who needs to use them in a noisy environment.

The first time we tested these headphones, we were in a very crowded place and our heart sank because the noise isolation feature wasn’t that great at all. However, as soon as we got indoors and started testing it, we realized that the clarity is amazing and the headphones are definitely worth the investment.

If you are a bass lover then you will enjoy these headphone just as much as a Bose or a Skullcandy which defines how good the quality of music is. Since they are wireless, they are not exactly audiophile headphones. They are almost at the level of an audiophile headphone in terms of the clarity that it delivers.


  • Budget friendly headphone
  • Comfortable padding


  • Full plastic body
  • Poor noise isolation
  • Does not come with a carry case
  • A little delicate to handle


Sony has a large number of models to choose from so you can’t really go wrong when picking a good quality headphone under the brand name. However the reason we wrote this Sony MDR-1AM2 review is because of how lightweight and comfortable these headphones are and we wanted you to make the right choice.

It is a great headphone for someone who doesn’t travel out as much since the noise isolation feature isn’t that great and it won’t be a deal breaker for you. These Sony headphones are so comfortable that you can sit for long hours wearing them and still not feel uncomfortable or try to get out of the headphones anytime soon.

They look really great and although they come in at a budget friendly price, people will actually believe that they are expensive. For the price that these headphones are available at, we would suggest they are a good pair that you should get your hands on.

If you are still not sure about how these headphones will help you, then you should take our word for it and purchase it today. As we mentioned, it is budget friendly and you will not feel a pinch when you purchase it. Although it doesn’t have the most sturdy body, it isn’t something that will break easily unless you handle it in a rough manner. Even if you don’t plan to travel with the headphones, purchasing a travel case is beneficial since it keeps dirt and dust away.

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