Sony MDR-7506 Review

Sony MDR-7506 review

There is no denying that Sony is one of the most popular brands when it comes to superior quality music. These headphones are mid price range and a great investment if you are looking for good sound and mixing. Once you finish reading this Sony MDR-7506 review, you will realize that this is a long lasting device and is one of those headphones that will serve you well even if you are not very delicate with the usage.

One of the major reasons why we reviewed these headphones is because they are compatible with multiple devices and platforms. This makes it easy to use it on a smartphone, laptop or television, depending on what you plan on doing. These Sony headphones make a really decent gaming headphones as well since they have sound isolation that enables you to focus on every detail while you are playing the game.

Although they come with a wire, it will enhance the music listening experience for those who are looking for something not very expensive. If you plan on using the headphones at home and there isn’t too much travel involved then this is great for you since they are over the ear headphones.

This device is a superior quality headphone that will allow you to enjoy music using various gadgets. Although we were a little skeptical reviewing these headphones because they come with a wire, we enjoyed using them. In case you are wondering whether or not this headphone is for you then here are a few key points that may change your opinion.

Budget Friendly

If you are looking for something good and you are on a budget, you will enjoy using these headphones. If you are one of those people who sit at home and create music or videos then these headphones are a great deal for the price it comes at because of the quality it offers.

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Wired Device


The headphone is designed for people who sit at a desk but if you plan on moving around too much then you should consider a wireless option. Although the music quality is great on these headphones, travelling can get a little difficult when there is a wire involved. If you don’t move around a lot at home or have a desk job then they will work well for you.



Although these headphones are made using plastic, they are still durable and quite strong. We know people that have been using them for almost a year and are still using them without any problems. Since they are built for indoor usage, it actually makes sense for it to be plastic. If you are still not sure about the feasibility of these headphones, you should continue reading this Sony MDR-7506 review.

Since the headphones are made of plastic, they are a lot lighter in comparison to other headphones that are made using metal. The best part about these headphones is that they are extremely comfortable to wear and even if you have to wear them for long hours, you won’t feel any pressure on your head.

Although the headphones come with a cable, the cable is quite long so it gives you the freedom to move around while you are listening to music without feeling any rigidness or stiffness in your body. The device also comes with a cute carry case that makes it easy for you to store the headphones when they are not in use.

Since the headphones are made of plastic, they also tend to last longer as there is no danger of it rusting. Let’s not forget that these headphones have been designed almost a decade ago. Even for something that’s that old, they still manage to be in high demand because of how great they are.

Unlike the new age headphones that allow you to plug and unplug the wires, these wires are attached to the headset. You should not attempt to take these off as this would destroy the device.



When we talk about the sound quality that these headphones deliver, the terms flat and neutral will often come around. These headphones don’t really manage to emphasize on the frequency range. If you are a bass music lover, these headphones are not going to impress you much. While they are clear and very easy on the ears, Sony has a reputation in the market and unfortunately these headphones do not live up to that reputation.

Although the sound quality is decent, one would expect more attention to detail even though these are budget-friendly headphones. While they do a decent job for mixing, you may also tend to find a better headphone around the same price range. They are good for music and also apt for enjoying movies or playing games. However, there is nothing unique about these headphones that stand out regarding its sound quality.

They are designed for an office or a studio person but they are not that great as travel headphones, not only because they are wired but because they don’t have a strong noise isolation feature.

These headphones don’t blast into your ears but still manage to deliver good volume without distorting the sound. This delivers soothing as well as crystal clear music. It is rare to find this in a budget friendly device.


  • Amazing sound quality and great for mixing
  • Good quality cable
  • Budget friendly


  • Not very good for bass music delivery
  • Wired device
  • No noise isolation
  • Limited portability
  • Plastic body


Now that we have reached the end of the Sony MDR-7506 review, we can safely say that for headphones that come in at a budget-friendly price, we recommend these Sony headphones. One of the best things about these headphones is not just that it is so versatile to use but also it comes with amazing features and still manages to fit into your budget perfectly.

Back in the day, there weren’t too many headphones to choose from and personally we believe that a wired device can deliver better music quality in comparison to ones that comes without a wire. If you are fine using a wired device then we would suggest opting in for these amazing headphones from Sony.

When you have a wired device you don’t need to worry about charging it or wonder how long you can listen to the music before your music session is interrupted. With features like these and a price tag that is unmatchable, this is one of the best budget friendly headphones you can get your hands on today.

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