Sony WH-CH700N Review

Sony WH-CH700N review

What is one of the best brands to invest in when it comes to headphones? Of course it is Sony! And this Sony WH-CH700N review will tell you no different. This brand has a number of models under its wing and the Sony WH-CH700N is one of the most popular headphones when it comes to noise cancellation wireless headphones available at a budget price.

Although Sony is known to be an expensive brand, we reviewed these headphones at an affordable price and we are sure that this will come as a surprise to most people. If you thought that you could not get your hands on a Sony headphone at an affordable price then you may want to check again.

These headphones manage to hit the sweet spot when it comes to wireless budget friendly headphones. We have reviewed them for a while now and can safely say that they are durable headphones that deliver excellent music thereby making it a great device for you to get your hands on.

When you compare these headphones with the other Sony headphones available in the market then this is not going to be one of the most impressive models that you will find. However, if you do compare the headphones that are available at a similar price range then these headphones will definitely stand out for various reasons.

One of the main reasons why we reviewed them is because they come from Sony and there is no denying the fact that they are not going to go bad anytime soon! Apart from the fact that it looks really good, it also comes with some amazing features thereby making it a reliable investment.



When it comes to features, there is no denying that Sony is one of the best brands to get your hands on. This headphone comes with some classy features and they are different from any other headphone in its category. Even the placement of the buttons on these headphones is specifically chosen so as to make the headphones actually look like a complete design.

One of the highlights of these headphones is that you can charge them for just 10 minutes and it can keep the headphone going for a good hour. It is not easy to find budget friendly headphones with a fast charge facility. Also, let’s not forget that these headphones have a wireless connectivity and an active noise cancellation feature. It also has a microphone that allows you hands free calling.

If you thought this headphone has no high end features like voice assistant then you are sadly mistaken. You can actually connect both Google and Alexa to your headphone thereby making it a smart headphone. However, the one thing we would want to complain about the headphones is the EQ setting which can get a little difficult at the start. However, if you are fine with the factory settings we would not recommend messing around with the settings too much.

Design & Comfort


Apart from the fact that these headphones come with a beautiful built, they also manage to stay really comfortable. They are a little heavy and weigh almost 240 grams thereby making it a little difficult to wear them for a long duration. However, the headphones are not as heavy as some of the other low priced headphones available in the market.

If you are not very selective when it comes to the weight of the headphones, this model would be perfect for you. It is available in three colors namely black, blue and grey. All three of them look classy, elegant and stand out when it comes to a budget friendly wireless headphone.

The padding on the headband as well as the ear cup makes it comfortable for you to wear it for long durations. Even if you want to wear these headphones when you are in flight you won’t feel uncomfortable when you rest your head behind because of the padding. They are soft on the ears and even if you wear them for long, you won’t feel sweaty or uncomfortable.



When it comes to budget headphones people are always apprehensive about the sound quality. However, these Sony headphones manage to deliver pristine sound quality just like any mainstream Sony headphone does.

The brand doesn’t try to impress with too many over the top features but that does not take away from the fact that this mid-range headphone enables you to listen to vocals and instruments quite clearly. The sound of these headphones are quite high end and while they are a bit airy, you still won’t have any disturbances when it comes to electronic sounds even though they are sensitive to the ears.

While you do tend to lose a little bit of the sound quality when you turn on the noise cancellation feature, it’s not so bad that you cannot listen to it. You can use them for listening to music as a wireless or wired device. We have to admit that using them with the wires deliver better sound quality. If you are on a flight we recommend using them with a wire.

The noise cancellation does have a constant hissing sound when turned on but that can be masked when you turn up the volume on the headphones. Personally we believe you can get used to the hissing sound after a few uses and you will forget that it even exists. The noise cancellation does take a little while to kick in – 4.5 seconds to be precise. Turning it off will take about 3.5 seconds.


  • Good quality brand
  • Impressive battery life
  • Stylish looking body


  • Noise cancellation could have been better
  • Heavy body
  • Not great in terms of performance


First off, we need to say that these are one of the best budget friendly Sony headphones that you will find. Although many people complain that these headphones lack a sense of character and a number of features that are commonly found with Sony headphones, these headphones are something that fit into your budget and this is not easy considering the brand name.

If you compare this Sony WH-CH700N review to other Sony headphone reviews you are not going to be happy with the features. However if you compare it with other headphones in the same price range you will be pleasantly surprised with the number of features this headphone offers.

Let’s not forget that the headphones come from the house of Sony which means that you will get a good warranty as well as a brand reputation to match. If noise cancellation is something you are looking for then these headphones are not the best to invest in. However, if sound quality is something that plays a huge role for you then we highly recommend these headphones.

The Sony WH-CH700N is wireless so you can use them while you are out of your home however if you travel a lot on a daily basis then the weight of the headphones may be a problem. They are also not recommended for people who fly too often because the noise cancellation isn’t that great. Overall, this is a decent pair of headphones to invest in. Also, since it comes from the house of Sony we believe that this is a very good investment in terms of quality as well as durability.

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