TREBLAB X5 review

Apple Air Pods have managed to gain quite a lot of popularity in the market these days. If you are looking for a device that is similar to this Apple model but doesn’t cost so much then this TREBLAB X5 review is just for you.

One of the best things about these ear buds is that they are budget friendly and they look similar to Apple’s popular product. We recently reviewed a pair of these recently and think that they are worth every penny you invest because they work extremely well.




We have to tell you that when we reviewed this pair of TREBLAB ear buds we were pleasantly surprised for various reasons. Firstly, these ear buds look cute and they are convenient to use. They also come with a cute charging case making it easy to charge the ear buds whenever not in use. This case also makes it easy to travel with this model because these ear buds are tiny and there is a chance that you could end up losing one of them.

The first thing that we noticed when we reviewed the ear buds is that they come with quite a few accessories. Apart from the ear buds, they also come with three pairs of silicon ear tips. An as we said above, it also comes with a micro USB charging cable along with the case. This is a medium sized case that easily fits into your pocket or your carry bag.

Design & Comfort


We personally chose these ear buds because of its looks. They are classy to look at and comfortable to wear. You can wear them even when you go out for a run because they are comfortable and lightweight and there is no risk of them falling off.

Since you get different sized ear tips that you can use, it makes it that much easier for you to figure out which is most comfortable to fit your ears and you don’t have to worry about the ear plugs being loose or tight.

The right ear bud has the volume up and down button and the left ear bud enables you to play the next song or the previous song or even answer and reject calls. This helps since you don’t need to worry about pulling out your phone when you are in the middle of doing something.

The ear buds have been designed for ease of use and comfort. We wouldn’t be able to comment on the durability of the ear buds since we are writing this TREBLAB X5 review after using it for only a few months.

These ear buds are perfect if you are someone that is constantly on the move. If you are not a fan of over the head headphones and you’re looking for something that is budget friendly and compatible with Android and iOS devices then this is the perfect option.



If you compare the TREBLAB ear buds to the air pods then you may not really consider them to be something that comes with multiple features but if you look at it as a budget friendly device then you may enjoy the features that it comes with. The ear buds are easy to use and can be charged using the case, thereby making is a convenient device.

The battery lasts for about 6 hours when you play it constantly and this is decent for something in this price range. It takes about 4 hours for the battery to fully charge and the ear buds lasts for about 24 hours on standby. This gives you sufficient time for your daily workouts.

These ear buds also claim to have advanced and passive noise cancellation however we would just call it noise isolation more than anything. It does work well if there isn’t too much noise that you have to deal with.

The good thing about these ear buds is that they are waterproof so even if you sweat or if there’s some rain while you are working out or when you are on the run, you don’t have to worry about them going bad. That’s actually a good deal for something that comes in this price range.

Sound Quality


These wireless noise cancellation ear buds come with some amazing sound features including adaptive equalizers, stream mixing, power-saving techniques, and automatic gain controls. The noise cancellation is a distortion of sound that allows uninterrupted music for long hours.

While the wireless noise cancellation feature is impressive, these headphones are more popularly known for using the beryllium drivers which helps deliver a balanced sound. This enables you to listen to a vast variety of music with utmost clarity and procession. The ear buds also make a great pair to watch movies, listen to audio books or even to make phone calls.

While they have a noise cancellation feature, it’s not that effective and does not work very well in loud spaces. The ear buds themselves do not work as a physical barrier between the external and internal sound and if the noise outside is too loud you will have to turn up the volume on the ear buds.

The noise cancellation feature also diminishes the sound quality a bit. These ear buds are also known for streaming high resolution sound quality as well and if you are looking for something that has loud music these are a good buy.


  • Resemble the Apple Air Pods
  • Budget friendly
  • Good quality music
  • Lightweight


  • Not for bass music lovers
  • Doesn’t have high end features


If you’re looking for budget friendly ear buds that deliver decent music then this is the kind of ear buds you should consider. Apart from the fact that it looks really great, it also manages to perform decently well and is comfortable to wear as well.

We hope this review was able to answer all the questions you may have had. These ear buds are not very overpriced and is a great option for people who want something that is easy to use especially when they are on the run.

They work really great on various devices and this also makes it one of the reasons you may want to consider getting your hands on them. Although the noise cancellation feature may not be the best, it still comes with a decent noise isolation feature that we think is quite good for the price.

These ear buds are water proof which enables you to exercise wearing them without the risk of them getting damaged. Since they also have an over the ear hook for better support, you won’t have to stress about the ear buds falling off while you are exercising or running. This is a great choice for the fit and active as they are snug and not too bulky around the ears.

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