What is subwoofer?

what is subwoofer

If you are a sound enthusiast and are planning to build or buy an efficient sound system for your home, then the subwoofer should be one of the most important components and consideration of your requirements. The subwoofer is essentially a loudspeaker that is specifically designed for reproducing the frequencies of low-pitched audio, which is called the bass or the sub-bass. The typical or standard range of frequency for the subwoofer is between 20 to 200 Hz for the consumer products.

The subwoofers are generally never used alone since they are meant for augmenting the range of low frequency of the loudspeakers which cover the bands of higher frequency. The subwoofers are made of one or probably more of the woofers that are mounted on the enclosure of the speaker.

The importance of subwoofers to music and sound

The subwoofers play an important role in producing the optimum quality of sound and providing you with the best audio experience as possible. If you want the absolute best when it comes to listening to music or watching movies then it is highly recommended that you must have a subwoofer with your speaker system.

what is subwoofer

Let us have a look at some of the reasons why the subwoofer is important and how it plays a crucial role in elevating the experience of listening to different audio.

Producing sounds that normal speakers can’t reproduce.

Most of the speakers normally drop off at approximately 50Hz, which means that you are deprived of the full depth as well as clarity provided by the bass tones. A high end subwoofer will be able to reach down towards 20 Hz or even lower, which is basically pushing the limit of the human hearing. This essentially means that you will never miss any type of note and be able to feel the lowest note such as kick drum, pipe organ or the bass guitar for a highly immersive experience.

Playing loud sound without distortion

In a lot of the speaker systems, when you bump up the music volumes it leads to woofers in the speaker system having trouble for keeping up to the tweeters and mid drivers. An amazing subwoofer will be effortlessly able to play loud as well as distortion free sound regardless of musical material or the intensity of the sound.

Accurate reproduction of note in spectrum of low frequency

Unlike the speakers that have sonic signature, the subwoofer is faithful to musical content that delivers bass notes in the precise manner as the artist wanted or intended. This is the reason why you can match the subwoofer with any of the speaker system for adding energy as well as weight for the all-round listening experience.

Blending seamlessly with the full range speakers

Ideal subwoofers should always be able to sound as well as feel like extension of speakers without requiring to overpower them or attract attention to themselves. When they are blended perfectly, the subwoofers allow the speakers to perform at their best throughout the spectrum of frequency which means the mids have ideal clarity and the highs sparkle without getting overpowered.

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